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Sunday Reads – Carinian’s Seeker

Vampire Council of Ethics #1

Released February 20, 2007
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1556928She’s his target.and his mate. Aw, hell! Book One in the Vampire Council of Ethics series. Beautiful genius, Carinian Derrickson, wants to live long enough to date a man from the future generations of spacemen, complete with ray guns and starships. She’s not crazy, she’s just afraid of dying young of some dreaded disease, like all the rest of her family. Her research into gene therapy has shown her the way to extend her life is by emulating traits only before seen in fiction. Vampire fiction. Only the beings that shouldn’t exist are very real indeed. Unknown to her, there’s a bad boy vampire in the lab next door with a goal quite the opposite of hers. If he has his way, he’ll bring the Vampire Council of Ethics (V.C.O.E.) to its knees. Jon Bixler is a Seeker for the Council-an assassin and undercover operative in a world of humans. Bix must get close enough to this rogue to find out exactly how he plans to dismantle the Council. And Carinian is just the ticket. But when he meets her, all his vampire common sense flies out the window as his libido leaps off the charts. What’s he going to do now that the woman is in danger and secretly trying to do the impossible? Bix and Carin can’t deny the combustion of love and lust between them. They accept their mating. But can they stay alive long enough to enjoy it? Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and violence.

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Sunday Reads – Jaguar’s Rule

Released December 29, 2011
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TJ_JagAfter an irresistible night of passion with Reya, Aaron James longs to hold her close forever. Little does he know that the tall, sleek beauty has a carnal secret — and he’s the one who needs protection.

Reya Daines has dedicated her life to the conservation of jaguars. With the only bed-and-breakfast at the entrance to Cockscomb Jaguar Sanctuary, she can keep an eye on poachers and still indulge her guests in her first love—scuba diving. But something has invaded the preserve and the big cats are restless…and that something wants Reya.

Aaron James can take care of himself, but he finds he’s not quite up to the job after his plane goes down in the jungles of Belize. The woman who rescues him is a loner just like him. When he learns she’s in danger from the same menace she’s saved him from twice, what’s a determined man to do with an equally stubborn woman?

Warning, this title contains the following: explicit sex, graphic language, and violence. Novella (approx 135 pgs). Released by previous publisher.

Genre:  Erotic Paranormal Romance

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Sunday Reads – Caramel Kisses

Released March 18, 2015
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Caramel KissesWorkaholic Sydni Cannes should have known better than to step away from work. Going out for a single evening of fun for this Executive Vice President has ended up as a night spent in damn jail! Drew is aware that the sexy, sultry and brilliant Sydni couldn’t care less about getting involved with him. But along comes the perfect opportunity to prove that she needs him just as much as he needs her. All he has to do is get her out of jail…and keep himself free in the bargain. Their desire scorches them. The connection, true and immediate. But what will they do about the bad guy determined to set them both up? Solve the mystery, of course…and a little well-executed, hot-as-hell sex wouldn’t hurt either.

Genre:  Erotic Romance

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Sunday Reads – Hide No More

Released March 10, 2015
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Hide No MoreScharsi has spent years hiding from the Amalgamation. They are the definition of evil in her world. Now she must hunt one of their agents who killed the only man who ever loved her. Hand cannons primed, no one will stand in her way. Tanil, an Amalgamation officer left for dead by his own crew, must avoid capture. On the run, wounded and weak, he comes upon the one woman in the ‘verse he should be running from. But Scharsi isn’t what the government claims she is–a born and bred killer. Deadly? Absolutely…but addictive, hot. She makes his skin sizzle and sends his blood racing with a look. Her touch? Devastating. Scharsi clearly doesn’t want distractions while on a hunt, but Tanil won’t hesitate to prove that a bit of delicious distraction is exactly what she needs.

Genre:  Erotic Paranormal Romance

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ICYMI: New Releases by Sylvia Day, Milly Taiden

New Releases from Milly Taiden, Sylvia Day and more!


Carly Toblan had a little too much champagne at her best friend’s wedding. Now she’s found herself flirting with a hunky shifter who’s bent on showing her how much he wants her. She’s never been with a shifter but suddenly this curvy girl is hearing the call of the wild up close and personal.

Bear-shifter, Bastien Auberon, knows two things for sure. 1. Carly is his mate and 2. She doesn’t want to want him. Too bad because she does. And he’ll use that unquenchable desire to get her to be his. He’d never used sex to keep a woman before, but in love and war, anything goes.

With her father sending eligible men her way, and someone trying to take his mate from him, Bastien’s ready to roar in frustration. He has a lot to figure out before he can get Carly into a forever state of mind. Claiming a woman had never been this difficult. Good thing he’s so persistent and will let nothing stand in his way.


This is THE LAST book in the Crossfire series by Sylvia Day

I actually know Sylvia in real life. We met while we were both writing for Ellora’s Cave. I read the first Crossfire novel before it was picked up by a publisher and I was floored! It was the wildest, most dysfunctional, wonderfully crafted piece of writing I’d ever read. It was, in a word, AWESOME!

So pick it up. You won’t be sorry!
Gideon Cross. Falling in love with him was the easiest thing I’ve ever done. It happened instantly. Completely. Irrevocably.

Marrying him was a dream come true. Staying married to him is the fight of my life. Love transforms. Ours is both a refuge from the storm and the most violent of tempests. Two damaged souls entwined as one.

We have bared our deepest, ugliest secrets to one another. Gideon is the mirror that reflects all my flaws … and all the beauty I couldn’t see. He has given me everything. Now, I must prove I can be the rock, the shelter for him that he is for me. Together, we could stand against those who work so viciously to come between us.

But our greatest battle may lie within the very vows that give us strength. Committing to love was only the beginning. Fighting for it will either set us free … or break us apart.

Heartbreakingly and seductively poignant, One with You is the breathlessly awaited finale to the Crossfire saga, the searing love story that has captivated millions of readers worldwide.


Gabriel Buchanan is a fighter. Once a marine, now he’s an Admiral and lawyer for Alliance Fleet. He spends his time taking on the tough cases no one else dares to touch. His life changed course after a messy divorce, making him vow never to love again. Until a hot blonde who matches his drive to fight shows up on his watch. She’s a real wildcat–one Gabe wants to get up close and personal with.

Wildcat Lead Warrior, Kelis, has problems of her own keeping amorous young warriors at bay. But that’s the least of her troubles–she has a secret she wants to keep at all costs. For Kelis is not just any warrior but the daughter of a Warlord with impeccable bloodlines. To her dismay, her father gives her an assignment she can’t refuse–infiltrating Alliance Fleet.

Gabe is pissed when the beautiful but lethal Kelis puts his protection detail in the medbay. What will he do when he finds out she’s his now personal bodyguard?

Sparks fly and tensions run high because Wildcats do it better…A statement Gabe is more than happy to put to the test. All…night…long.


Khlyen is HAWT…in a scary kind of way

I’m watching Serenity for the millionth time and it just never gets old. I’m an old sci-fi junkie, and have been since I got my first taste of Star Trek back in the 70’s as a kid.

I swear my goal in life is to find a way to stay young and healthy until technology can make it possible for me to date Commander Data from Star Trek: The New Generation!

I’ve made it pretty darn clear that my current love affair is with the Killjoys franchise, courtesy of the Syfy channel. I don’t think there’s a character, whether good guy or bad guy, that I don’t like. Even the coldest, most calculating character (a guy named Khlyen played by Rob Stewart) is a character I love to hate. In a word he’s brilliant…and gorgeous. Okay, that’s two words, but you get my point.

If you need a bit more of Rob, here you go. Then scroll down for a preview of my own sci-fi romance novel, Hide No More. The star of that particular show is a kick-butt, sexy woman who really knows her guns, and the man who loves to show her his own brand of weapon.

Hide No More

Blurb: Scharsi has spent years hiding from the Amalgamation. They are the definition of evil in her world. Now she must hunt one of their agents who killed the only man who ever loved her. Hand cannons primed, no one will stand in her way.

Tanil, an Amalgamation officer left for dead by his own crew, must avoid capture. On the run, wounded and weak, he comes upon the one woman in the ‘verse he should be running from. But Scharsi isn’t what the government claims she is–a born and bred killer.

Deadly? Absolutely…but addictive, hot. She sends his blood racing with a look. Her touch? Devastating.

Scharsi clearly doesn’t want distractions while on a hunt, but Tanil won’t hesitate to prove that a bit of delicious distraction is exactly what she needs.

Warning: This book contains intergalactic seduction, super soldier sweet-tooths, and cyborg beat downs.

Snippet Saturday — Shiftin’ Sassy!

Scroll down for a snippet from Shiftin’ Sassy, courtesy of Amazon. Enjoy!

Derria, like her cousins at Pryde Ranch, is trained to take down the worst shifters imaginable. After chasing her bounty into the Tail of the Dragon, she discovers that this mountain gem is shifter central where they’ve managed to keep themselves off the world’s radar…until now.

Lakota Phillips keeps his status as a S.W.A.T. agent under wraps. No one from Clan Gunn in the Dragon knows what he does when he’s away from this place. But when a fellow agent shows up for reasons that make sense to no one, what is he to do?

But that may have to wait. Kerr Blackwood, the rogue they’re searching for, is a shifter from Lakota’s neck of the woods. And suddenly, Derria’s hunt doesn’t quite pass the smell test.

Warning: This book contains hot alphas, mating heat and women who stroke their guns. Bring it on, baby!

Dutch’s Sister from another Mister?

As we eagerly await Killjoys Season 2 on SyFy, I am following the cast members as if they were my personal bacon crack (all hail bacon crack! See my previously posted recipe to make this, if you dare).

I finally got the rest of my family to sit down and watch Season 1, Episodes 1 and 2, and I am happy to report that they were all sitting on the livingroom floor with their mouths hanging open trying to guess what’s going to happen next.

So I got to thinking about my own Sci-fi books, and I’m pretty sure that Scharsi, a Gen8 Super Soldier in Hide No More, would have been good friends with the “Almighty Dutch” (yes, that’s totally a Episode 6 quip).

Check out a free preview of Hide No More. Scharsi, meet the awesome people who enjoy Sci-fi romance and Killjoys to boot. Killjoy addicts, meet Scharsi. Scroll on down after the preview, but we warned — HERE THERE BE SPOILERS! You’re welcome 8)

So you’re probably wondering why I think these two women would give a rat’s rear end about one another. Well, as an author, the stories I write come with characters who have pasts, presents and futures. And looking at Dutch’s past, I see some similarities with Scharsi (which I think is FANTASTIC considering Scharsi’s story hit the bookshelves at least five years ago). So, I think these two would gel because:

1) They both escaped from a life of being ‘handled’.
2) They’re bad ass women who yet revel in their femininity.
3) They have soft spots for those they care about.
4) Did I mention they’re bad asses?
5) Oh, and guns ~~ they have the most amazing “taste in gear”.

Dutch escaped from Khylen (or at least she thought she’d escaped), a man who taught her how to kill without remorse. The only problem is that he underestimated his charge’s innate sense of morality. He expected an automaton, but what he got was a woman who makes her own decisions.

As for Scharsi, she had a similar situation. Her ‘trainers’ responsible for shaping her into an unapologetic killing machine as a top-of-the-line genetically engineered super soldier also underestimated her sense of self, her ability to choose the moral high ground while still being quite scary, and her ability to love even though she was taught that relationships were for the weak-minded.

My new indulgence

Now, you all know that I’ve been a die-never Firefly fan for a good number of years. But I must admit, I have a new love in the sci-fi TV department: KILLJOYS

To impart what a big deal this is, you’re talking to a person *points to self* who works ridiculous hours and doesn’t spend much time indulging in TV. So, that means it’s got to be worth my time.

Now, about this show — It’s got some similar elements to my old love, Firefly, but not so much that it’s a duplicate or even close to a copy of that beloved show. Yes, it has a strong female lead, fighters who are good with both hands and guns, and well-placed funny moments, but I believe that’s where the similarities end.

Let’s talk about the characters a bit, shall we?

The HBIC: Dutch

Hannah John-Kamen plays Dutch. She is the only Killjoy I’ve “met” whose bounty hunter (aka Reclamation Agent) license has no last name on it. She’s simply “Dutch”. The woman is kick-ass, literally. She’s beautiful, well spoken, has a firm grasp on things that others don’t expect her to, such as the nuances of politics. She’s loyal to her team, vulnerable in her own way, yet she has a shell of steel over her heart that makes you want to care for her even as you watch her take down three men that outweigh her by a good forty pounds each. Oh, and I totally want her purple leather jacket — I can’t help it! Her outfits and gear are to die for!

Dutch – Level 5 RAC Agent and all-around badass

The blurb on the Syfy site sums this character up pretty well. “A gorgeous, complicated and deadly flirt, Dutch is bold and fun loving on the surface. She has a unique gift for earning people’s trust and respect regardless of their class. But under her banter and protective flirtations, there is pain, maturity, and a deep solemnity. As close friends as she is with John when we first meet them, she has always withheld a part of herself, a history of which she is deeply ashamed…” ~~ Killjoys: Dutch on the Syfy Channel

As for books of mine, if I were to pair Dutch up with anyone, it would be Scharsi from the book, “Hide No More”. They are almost two peas in a pod — their histories are less than wonderful, their growing up years were full of heartache and pain, they both wield weapons like nobody’s business, and they are loyal to those they love. I think they would have been good friends.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Scharsi ~ Gen 8 Super Soldier.
Scharsi ~ Gen 8 Super Soldier.

Next time, we’ll talk about more awesome characters of @Killjoys:
~ Pree played by Thom Allison @thomallison
~ Fancy Lee played by Sean Baek @SeanBaekTO
~ Alivis Akari played by Morgan Kelly @Morgansam

Killjoys is telecast on the SyFy and Science channels. They’re currently filming for Season 2. After the Season 1 finale, this author can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

Snippet Saturday – Fireworks!

Snippet Saturday is a brilliant collaboration by Lauren Dane and a fabulous group of authors that she’s invited to join her in posting book goodies every Saturday, of which I am thrilled to be a part of. This week’s Snippet Saturday theme is—FIREWORKS, meaning an action scene or a love scene. I chose an action scene this go-round.

This is a scene from Death and Roses, a sci-fi erotic romance starring an awesome Gen8 Super Soldier named Scharsi and our hero, Tanil.

Now every girl needs to get her shopping in every now and again, right? Well, Scharsi is at the spaceport market trying to get her fix when she has to remind a person why you don’t ever, EVER want to mess with a Gen8. Check her out, then enjoy the rest of the Snippet Saturday authors via the links at the bottom of the post. Tally ho!

Today’s outfit, a gift from Princess Cerise, was a wholly feminine affair. Well, almost. Cerise had revealed that the bottoms were made of a synthsilk fabric so light that it would practically float against her skin as she moved. The cut was such that it looked like an elegant skirt, but the panel in the front actually hid the true design—a pair of wide-legged pants to give her the ability to move quickly and fight, if needed.

The top was a finely knit material, soft and clingy and just thick enough to keep the chill off her arms. It fit like a second skin, showing off her breasts, the muscular set of her shoulders and back, clear down to the flare of her waist. Where the top ended was where the pants began.

Both were done in a jewel-toned green that reminded Scharsi of precious stones. But she still sported tactical boots. After all, comfort was comfort.

“Hey, beautiful, how ‘bout joining me and my friends here for a drank?”

Drank? Did the man actually say “drank”? Good grief. Guess it took all kinds to make a rebellion work. And these men sported baggy overall suits that, regardless of the oversizing, still didn’t quite fit. These guys were simply…big. Not muscular, but tall and wide with bellies that could probably use a few jack-knife sit-ups. They sported various splotches of what looked like crystolium dust and engine grease. Hmmm. Scharsi wondered what use engine grease could possibly be in one’s hair.

“No thanks. Appreciate the offer.”

“Aw come on, darlin’. We’re about the only ones here that ain’t a-scared of you. Take your pleasure where you can git it.”

“I will say this once and once only. Go. Away.”

With that, Scharsi turned her back on the man and his dumb-as-volcanic-ash friends and went back to choosing a gift for Tanil. It was a hard thing. She wasn’t really sure what he liked. Today was an open market of sorts. Those who wanted to sell or trade brought their wares to the Bay, a large empty central space in the main hangar. Luckily there was plenty to choose from.

Idiot Number One stepped into her path.

“Word has it you’re some big bad Super Soldier bitch. But we know better.”

“Yeah, we know better,” said Idiot One’s sidekick. “Everybody knows that no Super Soldier leaves the corps. Only ones ever done it is the consorts of the princess.”

Scharsi smiled as she recalled Carl getting a friend to hack into the IMF security files. What she’d read about her generation of SS blew her away. It happened years ago, but just the thought of what they’d found in that file made her chest swell with pride. Why? Because it was the truth, probably the only truth she’d ever seen come out of the IMF.

CONFIDENTIAL—Conclusion of Gen 8 Testing: Ability to heal has increased significantly compared to a typical human. E.g. A bullet wound to a human’s deep muscle tissue of the shoulder would require 840 hours, or 35 standard days, of intense physical therapy and rehabilitation. For the same wound, Gen 8 requires approximately 210 hours, or 9 days with no intense therapy. Gen 8 is vulnerable to fatality by puncturing the heart, intestines or brain. However, the increased bone density in the skull makes it difficult. If a Gen 8 soldier decided to turn on the IMF there would be little we could do to stop them, other than track them down and kill them. Quelling a rebellion could only be accomplished by breeding a more advanced soldier.

“Why don’t you show us how badass you are? Come on back to our room. Bet you taste like real chocolate with all that pretty dark skin.”

Scharsi looked down at the fingers now dirtying up the sleeve of her new outfit. Asshole.

“Take your hand off me. I won’t tell you again.”

He didn’t. Bad choice.

“Well, you just look like a big-assed dike, to me. And a dike ain’t nothin’ but a wannabe man.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Scharsi saw a familiar shape on the edge of the growing crowd. Tanil. He simply shook his head with an expression of pity. She knew it wasn’t for her, but for the mouth breather who threw back his head and laughed like he’d told the biggest joke of the century. What the oversized, engine-grease-wearing IQ-deficient backward acting human didn’t realize was that he was the joke. If he pushed her hard enough, took one more step, he would learn that some jokes had terrible punch lines.

Damn. He took a step. Too bad.

Tanil had just left a meeting with Regan to discuss their next move. A shortcut through the central square brought him up on a scene that he had a feeling would become all too familiar.

He overheard the greaseball who had the nerve to touch Scharsi. All he could do was shake his head in amazement at how stupid some people really were. In fact, Tanil wondered where the man got the brain energy to breathe everyday. Before he could complete the thought, Scharsi was in action.

The woman spun off her weak foot and took down the target so fast Tanil was glad she wasn’t mad at him. Her aim for the soft flesh of the man’s belly had been true and he could tell she hadn’t bothered to temper the force behind her perfectly executed spinning back kick.

To this point, he’d only seen this woman’s purely feminine side. This? This was something else entirely. This was the trained soldier. The woman who could put her fist through a body and pull out a beating heart. The thought made him absently rub the healed laser rifle wound, now nothing more than a fading scar on his chest.

Her opponent, if you could call him that, must have thought Scharsi was through with him. Instead she raised the bawling, writhing mass of “supposed male” off the paved deck and tossed him into one of his buddies who probably thought he was coming to the rescue. Poor suckers.

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