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Snippet Saturday – Holding out for a Heroine

Happy March, everyone! This week’s theme is about the ladies who carry our stories. They’re funny, smart, beautiful, kick-ass, yet flawed like everyone else. Our heroines can handle their men yet still be a total goddess-bitch in the feminine department.

So here’s a bit of sass without being crass from one of my favorite heroines, Neesia and Niah Pryde, African lion shifters from Spirit of the Pryde (an Erotic Dreams Reader’s Choice award winning novella). Spirit of the Pryde is Neesia’s book. Niah’s book, Niah’s Pride is coming in May 2013. Can’t wait!

Enjoy and then find the other fabulous Snippet Saturday authors via the links at the bottom of the post!


Spirit of the Pryde
by TJ Michaels
All Rights Reserved
Did you hear that? Neesia stopped in her tracks and glared toward the eerie sound. Thats a fucking Werewolf!

And it sounds pissed! Niah growled as they broke into a mad dash toward the snarled screams.

Hitting their bellies at exactly the same time, their golden brown coats were camouflaged by the grass and brush. Instinctive hunters, they moved into position for a coordinated ambush.

Neesia lifted her head, got her prey in sight and prepared to take this asshole down. One good look at his ugly maw explained plenty. Devon Lane. Hell! A bounty they’d hunted and nearly caught until a freak accident saw him take a tumble off a cliff in the Appalachian Mountains. They thought he’d died in the fall. But here he was, in the flesh. Son of a bitch.

Too much attention on Pryde ranch was detrimental to their very lives. And this idiot had done plenty to shine the spotlight on them. And nobody, nobody endangered her sisters!

Whoa! What the hell was Jason doing out here? The Were landed a staggering blow, and was now moving in for the kill.

Hold, Niah! Its Jason! Neesia spoke urgently into her sister’s head.

I see him! Niah gasped. What the hell is he doing out here?

Well ask him after we save his ass. Lets go.

The sisters attacked. Neesia’s muscles bunched powerfully as she sprang into the air, massive teeth and claws bared. Flying into the rogue Were, she threw all of her heavily muscled bodyweight into the blow. Hitting him square in the chest, she sank her teeth into his throat as Niah plowed into his legs, taking him down.

Biting, tearing through the thick, tough flesh of the raging beast. Blood loss and severe injuries soon had him facedown on the ground gasping as his lifeblood ran into the dirt.

Done playing around? Niah panted with a quirky grin only a lioness could deliver.

Definitely. Lets finish this, Neesia growled. Together they moved in on the downed Were and relieved him of his head. He shifted back to his human form just as his heart stopped beating.

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Yeah, I’m empowered!

Welcome to the Authors Against Bullying Blog Hop Day!

While this isn’t a thrilling or adventurous type of blog hop, it is no less important. If you have a kid (or if you were a kid) that had to deal with bullying, we are banding together to bring attention to this important issue.

After my post, PLEASE VISIT THE OTHER AUTHORS via the links at the bottom of this page.

First, let’s be honest – bullying isn’t going to go away. As long as you have idiots in the world and there is no impending gene pool cleansing, bullies will exist on the Earth. Our goal here is to talk about it.

Second, bullying should never be ignored. And I mean EVAH!

I remember being told I looked like a pitbull because I had dark skin and ‘black’ features. I was called nappy headed, ugly, skinny, black dog and more. I was told I would never be anything but a poor whore. Yeah, being black in American could really be fun *pffft*. Unfortunately, those names were thrown at me by other black students. At school. Every damn day.

It’s part of the reason why this song became my anthem (no, this song didn’t exist at the time, but my thoughts and sentiment were the same).

Anyway, I remember a girl named Sylvia stomped into my class in middle school and demanded that I go out into the hall to fight her and a group of five girls *yeah, like that was going to happen, right?*. The reason: One of the popular boys in school liked me. The end. The teacher sent those girls packing. Then she sent me to the principal’s office with an escort so I could go home early so they couldn’t have a chance to jump me after school.

Guess who met me at the principal’s office? I’ll give you three guesses, though you will only need one. Sylvia and another girl named Trina plus a whole new batch of cronies were waiting. The end result was that there was a group of almost ten girls that wanted to kick my ass for no other reason than I wasn’t in their clique.

But I had a tough mom. I could tell her anything. Not to mention she taught me to take care of myself and to fight if I needed to. My mom also came up to the school and let them know in no uncertain terms that she would applaud me and take me to Baskin Robins in reward for taking care of myself if the school couldn’t control those crazy bitches.

These days, schools are more likely to punish a kid who stands up for him or herself than they are to punish the bullies. I don’t understand it, honestly. So, parents need to really be aware of what’s happening. Ask your kids if they are having any issues at school and share your own experience with bullying. This way our children won’t feel embarrassed if they know we were once in their shoes. We also don’t want our kids to feel ashamed or weak if they’re scared. It’s normal to be afraid.

If a child doesn’t feel comfortable talking to a parent about being bullied, then guess what — that’s the parent’s fault. It’s tough talk, but no less true. So fix it. Make sure your kid feels that they can tell you anything. That, to me as a person who had to deal with being scared to go to school each day, was the most comforting thing ever.

And when my own kids were bullied, they knew they could come to me. They also knew that this mama bear would put up with no one messing with her cubs. Yes, I made trips up to the school. And yes, I had big sister wait for her little brother at the bus stop and she witnessed her 3rd grade brother getting pushed around by a 5th grader. We told the Vice Principal. Nothing was done. So when my daughter witnessed her brother get thrown to the ground so hard he smashed his face on the cement and broke his front teeth, dear darling daughter beat the crap out of that bully with her lunch box.

And both my kids got ice cream that day.

Now, many people would say, “Oh no. You should never fight. It doesn’t solve the problem.” And they’re right, to a point. But I can say that bully went on to mess with someone else’s kid rather than mine.

The end.


Halloween Contest Goodness

Over at the Raven Happy Hour! Authors, Michelle Pillow and Mandy Roth (aka The Shoe Maven) are hosting a ha-yuge contest this month – The Raven Halloween Hunt! I’m a bit late advertising but here’s the info:

There’s a ridiculous number of prizes. Be sure to join in the fun. Can’t win if you don’t play.

Also, I’ll be blogging regularly over at The Raven along with a slew of awesome authors. I’m up on the 4th Tuesday of each month so be sure to stop by.