Khlyen is HAWT…in a scary kind of way

I’m watching Serenity for the millionth time and it just never gets old. I’m an old sci-fi junkie, and have been since I got my first taste of Star Trek back in the 70’s as a kid.

I swear my goal in life is to find a way to stay young and healthy until technology can make it possible for me to date Commander Data from Star Trek: The New Generation!

I’ve made it pretty darn clear that my current love affair is with the Killjoys franchise, courtesy of the Syfy channel. I don’t think there’s a character, whether good guy or bad guy, that I don’t like. Even the coldest, most calculating character (a guy named Khlyen played by Rob Stewart) is a character I love to hate. In a word he’s brilliant…and gorgeous. Okay, that’s two words, but you get my point.

If you need a bit more of Rob, here you go. Then scroll down for a preview of my own sci-fi romance novel, Hide No More. The star of that particular show is a kick-butt, sexy woman who really knows her guns, and the man who loves to show her his own brand of weapon.

Hide No More

Blurb: Scharsi has spent years hiding from the Amalgamation. They are the definition of evil in her world. Now she must hunt one of their agents who killed the only man who ever loved her. Hand cannons primed, no one will stand in her way.

Tanil, an Amalgamation officer left for dead by his own crew, must avoid capture. On the run, wounded and weak, he comes upon the one woman in the ‘verse he should be running from. But Scharsi isn’t what the government claims she is–a born and bred killer.

Deadly? Absolutely…but addictive, hot. She sends his blood racing with a look. Her touch? Devastating.

Scharsi clearly doesn’t want distractions while on a hunt, but Tanil won’t hesitate to prove that a bit of delicious distraction is exactly what she needs.

Warning: This book contains intergalactic seduction, super soldier sweet-tooths, and cyborg beat downs.