#AmWriting is here!

#AmWriting Ebook CoverI’m so glad to have a piece written in this book!

Knowing what you know now of writing, publishing, and putting your art out into the world, if you could go back to the day you sat down to start typing in your very first manuscript, what words would you offer to yourself? Words of encouragement? Words of advice? Caution against certain pitfalls? Would you change anything about how you got to where you are today?

The publishing community is so much bigger than it was before the self-publishing boom and it continues to grow exponentially every day. Unfortunately, it doesn’t come with a handbook or support group. #AmWriting is a collection of letters written by authors from all different corners of the publishing community. The letters provide words of encouragement or advice to those just starting out or those who have become discouraged in their art. At Pure Textuality PR, we believe in supporting each other as a community, and we felt this project would be a good way to bring writers together and maybe give some new artists just the right nudge to keep going.

100% of the net proceeds of #AmWriting will be donated to The Wayne Foundation, a charity dedicated to offering aid and services to young women victimized by illegal sexual exploitation and the sexual trafficking of minors. For more information about The Wayne Foundation, you can visit them on the web at http://waynefdn.org.

Snippet Saturday – Author’s Choice

Snippet Saturday

Snippet Saturday is a brilliant collaboration by NYT and USA Today bestselling author, Lauren Dane , and a fabulous group of authors that she’s invited to join her in posting book goodies every Saturday. I’m thrilled to be part of this mad fun!

This week’s theme is AUTHOR’S CHOICE! And I choose…SOMETHING GOOFY! My day job was WAY too serious this week for me to post something equally as serious on my blog today. So, I’m going for something fun instead.

Enjoy this snippet from Caramel Kisses, then click through to all the fabulous Snippet Saturday authors via the links at the bottom of the post.


Caramel Kisses

TJ Michaels

BLURB: Workaholic Sydni should have known better than to step away from work. Going out for a single evening of fun has ended up as a night spent in damn jail!

Drew is aware that the sexy, sultry and brilliant Sydni couldn’t care less about getting involved with him. But he needs her. And the perfect opportunity to prove that she needs him just as much comes along. All he has to do is get her out of jail…and keep himself free in the bargain.

Their desire scorches them, the connection so real and immediate.

But what will they do about the bad guy determined to set them both up? Solve the mystery, of course…and a little misplaced, hot-as-hell sex wouldn’t hurt either.

She must be nuts. What the hell was she doing here waiting for a total stranger? Sydni hated to admit she’d been so engrossed in her work, she’d completely forgotten about the weird phone call from the DJ at KWQQ until one of their admins had called with a reminder of her “appointment with destiny”. God, could you get any more corny? And when the radio chick rattled off what her mystery man would be wearing, at her request of course, all Sydni could do was shake her head knowing she’d been cruel.

She checked her watch with a huff and felt the muscles in her stomach tighten. It was almost time. And though she wanted to have an attitude about the whole set up, Sydni couldn’t manage to get mad at her sister. Sure, Charli had signed her up for the stupid radio station’s blind-date contest, but the woman hadn’t tied her hands and feet to make her come here to meet the man. Well too late now. If there was one thing she wouldn’t do, it was stand someone up. It was simply too rude. But she could get rid of the guy tactfully. And quickly.

So here she sat at a stupid Starbucks instead of sleeping in, waiting for a man dressed in one of those stretchy workout shirts done in ghastly neon green, and a pair of black and white checkered golf pants. She shuddered at the ghastly image in her mind. Well, one thing was certain—any man with enough balls to walk into a busy Starbucks at a major intersection dressed like that must be as hard-up as she was.

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ZART Countdown T minus 17 and counting

SURVIVAL KIT ITEM #6 is up for grabs


Samantha Kane is up for grabs!

Click here for the rules, the list of prizes and the huge bunch of authors donating books

We’re one week closer to the fantabulous events (well, minus the whole zombie apocalypse things) happening in New Orleans at the same time as our awesome Authors After Dark conference. One ZART skill that is super important is the ability to tag and run. So…let’s practice using this week’s training challenge.

Today’s challenge:

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ZART Countdown T minus 19 and counting

SURVIVAL KIT ITEM #4 is up for grabs


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Today’s challenge: For warriors new and old,

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Declare your bad-assness to one and all!

Scouts, Warriors and Spys,
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In the words of that famous poet, The Rock,

“We layeth the smacketh DOWNETH!!” #ZART

Review – Geared For Pleasure

I was privileged to receive an ARC of Geared for Pleasure by Rachel Grace…and it was PHENOMENAL!!!

Geared for Pleasure Geared for Pleasure by Rachel Grace
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Rich character, colorful world full of action and sizzling with heat, Rachel Grace is the next Kresley Cole!

This two-story book is a mix of magic, alchemy, clockwork, steampunk and romance that caught me from page one, so I guess I’ll start by saying I can’t wait for the next book! The world was amazingly detailed without being bombarded by a lot of backstory. The author did an extraordinary job showing the vivid bits and pieces of every character until I felt as if I knew them all intimately, could picture them clearly in my head, and feel what they felt.

The main characters were solid on their own, but then the writer gave them an extraordinary supporting cast. The colorful and very very different world (this stuff is original and I don’t believe I’ve ever read anything quite like it) combined with exceptional writing = total awesomeness.

And did I mention that the leading men were broken, yet gorgeous and strong? I mean, how do you pull that off? Well, this author did it and did it well. In fact, I can honestly declare that I am now jealous of fictional women and covetous of their men!

To sum up Geared for Pleasure in a word, or more like six words: Original, well plotted and strongly executed.

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Snippet Saturday – Winter Wonderland

‘Tis the season to snuggle up in front of a warm fire with a cup of tea, some good food, and an even better book. The only thing that could make the season more perfect is…SNOW!

I used to live in Colorado and I must admit, snow is gorgeous to look at and play in for awhile…and that’s about it ;D  However, in Carinian’s Seeker (Vampire Council of Ethics Bk 1) our heroine and her alpha vampire lover found that snow was good for all kinds of other interesting…things. To find out, you’ll have to read the book, but let’s say this sweet scene leads up to something more scorching hot than the hot chocolate Carin is enjoying *grin*.

Enjoy this Snippet and be sure to visit all the other marvelous authors via the links at the bottom of this post. Merry Christmas!

Excerpt from Carinian’s Seeker, Vampire Council of Ethics Bk 1
Kindle | Nook

The sun had just begun its rise over the eastern mountains when Bix tiptoed into their bedroom, bundled Carin up and carried her outside.

The entire place was a winter wonderland sitting on endless acres of gently sloped, snow-covered hills with a nice mix of trees and open space overlooking Smith Lake. In the distance, white peaks of the Rocky Mountains could be seen. Carin felt like a kid at Christmas. Having grown up in San Francisco, gone to college and started her career in the same city, she’d never seen snow. And San Diego certainly wasn’t a place known for the fluffy cold stuff. As they walked, Bix pointed out the estate’s private golf course down the hill and off in the distance, promising to teach her to play if they were still in residence here come spring. She kind of hoped not, preferring to learn to ride horses on his estate rather than trudging across the greens playing golf. She just couldn’t get over it—vampires played golf and rode horses. Real country-clubbers.

The only sound was the soft crunch of Bix’s boots in the snow as he moved at a leisurely pace in consideration of her sore bones and achy, but healing, body. The main house was at a good distance but visible when he stopped at an open-topped gazebo surrounded by towering evergreens. Bix set her on her feet, and Carin stepped inside and surveyed their haven in awe. Instead of wood flooring, the inside of the shelter was all snow-covered grass covered by a tarp and piles of thick, soft blankets. Her mouth watered at the delicious aroma wafting up from a large breakfast basket perched on one of the sturdy benches built into the wall of the gazebo. Her man had been plenty busy this morning.

The clear, jewel-blue sky was visible through the top of the structure. She’d have to come out here at night with a telescope and view the stars, well once Bix let her out of his sight. In a word, the spot was perfect, beautifully secluded, and an ideal place to enjoy a bit of privacy.

She removed her shoes and Bix shooed her into the middle of the very comfortable, extremely thick pallet. After tossing her an even thicker blanket to cover herself, he set the breakfast basket within arm’s reach and lit a blazing fire in an oversized sunken pit smack in the middle of the shelter. She smiled behind his back. The man had thought of everything. Food, warmth and a ton of soft down pillows made it nice to be outside in spite of the bone-chilling cold. Her insides went all fuzzy when he tossed a huge chunk of cured wood into the pit and looked over his shoulder with a mix of care and naughtiness in his one-sided grin.

“You comfy, sweetheart?” Bix inquired as he toed off his boots and joined her under the covers. She nodded but kept her eyes on the flicker of building flames blasting waves of welcome heat to where she reclined buried under the blankets. Her thoughts were surprisingly quiet. This was the first time she’d been out of bed in more than a week, and given her scrape with death she couldn’t believe how calm she felt. Death scared her more than anything, yet here she was, stitched wounds and all, just as happy and content as you please. Bix kept the companionable silence. Retrieving a large thermos from the basket, he poured her a mug of steaming hot chocolate.

Scooting back to lean against one of the little benches, she sipped the steaming brew with a contented sigh. Bix passed her a flaky raspberry pastry made especially for her as a get-well-soon gift from the resident chefs. A fresh banana and another cup of hot chocolate finished her off. Mmm, she couldn’t remember the last time something this simple tasted so yummy.

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Catching Up

Hey all, I’ve been awfully remiss in keeping my Goodreads up to date. I took some time and caught up today and hope I actually remembered all the books I’ve read in the past couple of months!

T.J.’s bookshelf: read

Play of Passion
5 of 5 stars
Believe it or not, this was my first Nalini Singh book and I LOVED IT!
paranormal, romance, shape-shifter, vampire, and hot
Bound By Blood
4 of 5 stars
paranormal, romance, shape-shifter, and vampire
Night Embrace
3 of 5 stars
paranormal, romance, and vampire
Master of Smoke
4 of 5 stars
fantasy, paranormal, romance, shape-shifter, and vampire
Master of Fire
4 of 5 stars
fantasy, paranormal, romance, vampire, and shape-shifter
Never Cry Wolf
4 of 5 stars
paranormal, romance, and hot
4 of 5 stars
futuristic, hot, and romance
Dark Needs at Night's Edge
4 of 5 stars
fantasy, romance, paranormal, shape-shifter, and vampire
No Rest for the Wicked
5 of 5 stars
OMG this was a kickazz book! ‘Nuff said.
paranormal, hot, romance, shape-shifter, vampire, and fantasy
Master of Dragons
4 of 5 stars
fantasy, paranormal, romance, shape-shifter, and vampire
The Legend of Michael
5 of 5 stars
futuristic, romance, and hot
Snaring the Huntress
4 of 5 stars
futuristic, romance, sci-fi, and hot



Countdown to Shadowfever!

Thanks to Mizz Mandi over at Smexybooks (follow her at @smexybooks on Twitter), I am hopelessly hooked on this danged series.

My first Karen Moning book EVER was Darkfever, the first book in the Fever series. After tearing through each novel, I’m excited to see Shadowfever, the conclusion of the series, to get all my questions answered. At the same time I’m sad to see Barrons, Mac and all their friends (and enemies) leave the stage.

To celebrate the end of our nail biting, er, I mean the end of the series, I’m joining forces with Smexybooks – we’re giving away two hardcover copies of Shadowfever! Just visit Smexy and join in on the Dreamfever discussion (<--- click here) for a chance to win. Starts at 9:00am (Eastern Time) on Thursday, 01-13-2011 End at noon on Friday, 01-14-2011 Mandi will post the names of the winners right after the contest ends. Release day is coming up fast, so if you're announced as a winner, PROVIDE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS - (NO P.O. BOXES) to me via e-mail as soon as humanly possible so we can get your order scheduled to ship as soon as the release drops!

NOTE: U.S. and CANADA only due to customs issues with shipping.

Have fun and good luck!

Stay to the light!


Quick Review: Ecstasy in Darkness by Gena Showalter

Ecstasy in Darkness (Alien Huntress, #5)Ecstasy in Darkness by Gena Showalter
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Yes, I’m doing lots of ‘new to me’ authors lately. This was my first Gena Showalter book. At first I wasn’t quite sure I was going to like it. The voice was…different, sometimes short or ‘halty’. But, oh my god!, I ended up loving the short, snarky humor-laced narrative and dialog as well as the mystery.

I enjoyed the hero – big bad vampire with a ruthless streak. Wouldn’t hesitate to behead anyone in the book…except for the heroine or anyone she cared about. He was fabulous!

The heroine was strong, but she showed her vulnerable sides, too. She wasn’t a hard ass just to be a hard ass. There were reasons for her reactions to people, reasons for why she chose her profession, reasons why she reacted to the hero.

The action was non-stop, the sex was HAWT and the story was awesome. I’m almost afraid to buy the previous books in the series (this is the latest book) because I loved this heroine so much! That’s what I get for starting at the end of the series!