Snippet Saturday – Sweethearts

This week’s Snippet Saturday features some of the most awesome authors I know. Be sure to visit them via the links at the bottom of this post. Now, back to business – this week’s theme is Sweethearts. Valentine’s Day just passed and while I don’t have any books with that particular holiday, Valentine’s Day just wouldn’t be the same without some romance leading up to it, right?

So, here’s a Snippet from Silk Road where Larien allows himself to be as vulnerable as any Fallen can be — by showing his true self to Jayla.


Excerpt from
Silk Road
Seals of Destiny Book One
by TJ Michaels

Out of the blue, she asked, “So you can change your form, right? Like the asshat that jumped me? He looked human one minute and a freaking giant the next.”

“Of course. All Fallen can take human form or revert to their working form.”

“Working form? What’s a working form?”

“I am a warring angel, so my working form is for battle. It is the form I take most often, or would take often if I still had my old job. We can also transform to celestial bodies, unless we go demon.”

“What happens if you choose Fallen demonhood rather than Fallen angelhood?”

“We lose the ability to take our celestial forms ever again.”

“Can I see? Your celestial form, I mean.” Her honey brown eyes sparkled, full of mischief. What was she up to? He tilted his head and tried to read between whatever lines he was sure were there. “Well, can I?”

I can refuse her nothing.

Without another word, Larien rose and padded to the living room with Jayla on his heels.

“Why the living room instead of the office?”

“You’ll see.”

The moment she settled on the couch he let the change explode from his very cells. His body stretched and expanded. The familiar burn of the emergence of his wings was followed by an awed gasp from Jayla.

“Wow. You have wings?! And you’re so big, uh, bigger.”

But even at eight feet ten inches this body was still restricted by flesh.

“This is my battle form.” His voice, deepened by the transformation, caused her eyes to widen even more, yet the stink of fear was absent. Humans usually pissed themselves if they managed to glimpse an angel’s battle form, Fallen or not. “But I want you to see my true form though it is dimmer than when I was eudaemon.”

Nodding enthusiastically, Jayla simply sat with her eyes aglow with wonder. The eager acceptance in her gaze never ceased to make him feel special. Proud, even, of what he was. Or rather, what was left of him.

* * * * *

Jayla was fully along for the ride. Energy crackled in the air, rode along the ridges of her spine and then sank into her blood. It pumped through her heart, infused her cells and then burst forth like an explosion of moonlight and starlight behind her eyes. It was peaceful yet so beautifully vibrant she could almost hear the hum of electricity in the room. The tips of Larien’s beautiful wings trailed the floor and then snapped out to fill the room. A variation of black she’d never seen before, the color seemed alive and swirled with luminescence. Lethal-looking talons on the end of perfectly sculpted feathers were a-glow with shimmering gold.

Wow, how did he ever walk away from such power, she wondered. Larien outshone anything her mind could even possibly conceive. When Improbael had morphed from his human form he’d grown at least a good two feet, just like Larien, but where Larien’s skin was an almost-glowing dove gray, Improbael’s Fallen demon skin had become as dank as cement—lifeless and cold like the dirty ash that remained in the bottom of a grill long after the charcoal had burned itself out.
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Snippet Saturday – Endings

How about a Snippet from Silk Road that gives us some insight into Chel’s life? In Seals of Destiny Book One, Chelriad is a secondary character. But in this Snippet we get a glimpse of why she’s going to be such an interesting leading character in the next book. Yes, people, the next book is Chel’s story. And she’s quite broken…and it’s all due to this particular ending.

Chel’s eyes flew open but the dream continued to play in her head like a bad movie.

Sadness. Those she’d always known, had always felt down to the marrow of her bones now turned on her with such a vengeance it was unfathomable. Such ferocity had never been focused on her. Had never been directed at her.

Even when learning to fight, as every angel must, her body had never experienced such pain. It was as if a layer of herself had been skinned away leaving her raw and exposed to feel the full impact of each blow. The blows reverberated down through her body, through skin, muscle and bone, down to the cellular level they vibrated through her.

She felt them—some brimming with righteous indignation, disgusted and appalled at the thought of rebellion, others full of sorrow at what they were doing even as she was filled with the anguish of betrayal. Her people had turned on her.

Then the rending began. Not just the tearing of flesh, but also the decimation of spirit as she was ripped away from the consciousness of the family that she had felt from the moment of her first breath.

And with the rending came crippling loneliness and despair. It felt like she’d been marooned, closed off. The pain of being alone came in waves of absolute crushing agony.

She’d never been alone before. Even if she’d sat in one of the training halls with no one around, she’d never truly been by herself. Had never called out to her brothers, sisters, and cousins only to have the sound of her own voice bounce around in her head and then echo into nothingness.

The last she’d seen of her home was the bottom of an Archangel’s boot. And then she Fell. The stars flew past until they appeared to be one long streak of light. A second before she understood what waited, she turned her head toward the earth. It rose up fast to meet her.

This was no graceful floating down to the ground. No, it was as if she’d been blasted through time and space until even the very air passed over her skin so quickly it burned, left rifts and welts behind.

She’d slammed into the earth. Lay there barely drawing breath. Each shallow pant sent new agony streaking through every limb. Her organs felt flattened in her body. Her wings had been snapped off before she’d been kicked down here, so this current cracking of bone was something else—likely every other bone in her body.

If she’d ever wished to be a human, it was now. At least she could have died to escape the hell of her new existence, the desolation of her plight.

Instead, she lay there, healing slowly even as a simmer began in her soul. Hatred. Pure burning hatred, but not for man. No, her anger was at the asshole that had talked her into rebelling. As the sun rose and set in what seemed like endless days, Chel lay in the middle of the desert, thoughts focused on the angel who had held the highest office in their world. One who walked with the creative Source themselves. So handsome, perfectly formed, with a voice that brought one to ones knees in reverence as he sang to those that had made him. He’d been called the Son of the Morning because the glory of his being had been like the rising of the sun whenever he walked into a room.


And that fucker had been the cause of her worst nightmareChelriad, Angel of the Second Tier, Virtue and commander of the elements, had Fallen.

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