Caramel Kisses is back!

After receiving the rights back from Ellora’s Cave, I am happy to announce that you can now purchase Caramel Kisses from Amazon. It’ll be up at Barnes and Noble and several other outlets soon.

Click here to get it at Amazon:

Caramel Kisses

Workaholic, Sydni Cannes, should have known better than to step away from the job. Going out for a single evening of fun for this Executive Vice President has ended up as a night spent in damn jail!

Drew is aware that the sexy, sultry and brilliant Sydni could’t care less about getting involved with him. But along comes the perfect opportunity to prove that she needs him just as much as he needs her. All he has to do is get her out of jail…and keep himself free in the bargain.

Their desire scorches them. The connection, true and immediate.

But what will they do about the bad guy determined to set them both up? Solve the mystery, of course…and a little well-executed, hot-as-hell sex wouldn’t hurt either.

Warning: This book contains sexy beach fun, good girls and bad boys you’ll love to tie up and tie down. Previously published by Ellora’s Cave.

New Release: WTRAFSG

What to read AFTER Fifty Shades of Gray?

I’m so happy to be included in this beautiful set! Sometimes it seems as if people forget that well-written, sizzling erotic romance, such as paranormal and BDSM romance, were around LOOOONG before Twilight and Fifty Shades of Gray. So it just tickles me to be included in a set called “What to Read After Fifty Shades of Gray” featuring “Egyptian Voyage” by moi.

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Snippet Saturday – Crawlin’ Back To You…

I don’t think this week’s theme needs any intro at all, do you **heh**? Meet Delaine and Justin from “On The Prowl”. This book was originally published as my debut novel, “Primed to Pounce” and received 4 STARS **woooot!** from Romantic Times Book Reviews.

In this Snippet, Delaine is pretty sure she caught Justin messing around with her best friend. But looks can be deceiving. And since Delaine is running, Justin does what any good alpha does…he chases her.

Delaine Jeris is on a mission. As top investigator for the Aegis Group, she must use her unique gifts-including her own personal mountain lion spirit guide-to catch a mad scientist with kinky delusions.

Justin Cooley was not part of the plan.

Justin has his own job to do, but falling for the beautiful woman sneaking around the Astin Pharmaceutical and Biotech facility wasn’t in his brief. How can he trust his instincts, trust her, when he knows that more than his mission could be compromised if he’s wrong?

Delaine has had her heart broken before. When all their secrets are revealed, she’ll have to decide whether she’s truly found her mate…or allowed herself to fall straight into enemy hands.

Review: “Move over, Secret Agent Man, Michaels’ heroine, Delaine, is a spy queen. Her moves on the sheets and off make this a page-turner.” -Romantic Times BOOKReviews

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*Stop running, Suta. Embrace our mate. He comes.*

‘Yeah, whatever.’ Delaine’s words were flat and uncaring, and in truth, she hadn’t really been listening to what Sapa was saying to her along the bond.

The sleek mountain cat rolled her eyes and stalked away to a quiet corner of Delaine’s mind. Before she retreated, Delaine felt her frustration. Well, guess she could forget about meditating now. All she could think about was Justin. Justin’s lips. Justin’s hands on her body. Justin treating her like the queen he proclaimed her to be. Cooking for her. Taking her on road trips.

Justin sleeping with her best friend. Rather, a chick that was supposed to be her friend.
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Snippet Saturday – Holidays

Snippet Saturday is a brilliant collaboration by NYT and USA Today bestselling author, Lauren Dane, and a fabulous group of authors that she’s invited to join her in posting book goodies every Saturday. I’m thrilled to be part of this mad fun!

This week’s Snippet is HOLIDAYS! My favorite time of year is Fall and Winter when we celebrate the holiday season with our families. And because of this, I chose to post bits from a story where our heroine, Melaniece, is spending the holidays with her kids…and an unexpected guest.

Enjoy this snippet from Forever December, then be sure to visit all the Snippet Saturday authors via the links at the bottom of the post.

With dinner done and dishes cleared, Denise and Melvin decorated the seven-and-a-half-foot real pine Christmas tree they’d picked up in town earlier. An overstuffed Melaniece slid onto the floor in front of the fireplace and watched them at play. Her fingers sank into the thick pile of the sheepskin rug as she lay on her back and moaned with a lopsided smile plastered on her face. Dinner had been fabulous. Denise had made Shrimp Creole with Dirty Rice and Melvin had whipped up a peach cobbler made with homemade butter crust. Oh god, she was so full, all she could do was lie there, soak in the warmth of the fire and hope she didn’t explode. But hell, if she did blow up she’d die fat and happy. Heh!

When the doorbell sounded, she didn’t move from her warm spot on the floor. Besides, she had a good idea who it was and secretly wished the cockeyed nosy neighbor would just leave her customary Christmas cookies on the porch and leave.

“Get that, will you Denny?” Melaniece drawled sleepily, eyes half-closed. The soft footfalls of her daughter’s bare feet, the quiet click of the deadbolt and easy swish of the front door opening reached her ears. She waited to hear Denise’s “thank you for the gift, Mrs. Orley”. A few moments passed but the neighbor wasn’t calling out her customary holiday greeting, nor was Denise giving her usual Merry Christmas to whoever was at the door.

She definitely knew something was going on when the little hairs on the back of her neck joined her stomach in an out-of-the-blue spastic butterfly dance. Melaniece cracked open one eye and looked toward the door.

Two large suitcases sat in the middle of her now snow-covered foyer floor and Denise, who was doing a fabulous job of completely ignoring her, thus avoiding her stare of doom, helped a bundled, but familiar-looking, form out of a thick parka.

Melaniece glanced over at her son and froze. If the boy wanted her to believe nothing was out of the ordinary, his ear-splitting grin pretty much gave him away. But whatever it was, he wasn’t telling.

She watched layers of clothing fall away from the person. A jacket, sweater, snow pants and boots had been hiding a wide, solid-looking back, thick muscular thighs and an ass that couldn’t possibly belong to a mere mortal. Successfully swallowing the lump growing in her throat, Melaniece sat up, both mouth and eyes wide. Oh lord, had the kids ordered her a stripper? Woo, what a hunk!

Said hunk turned to face her and snatched a knit cap off his disheveled head to reveal tastefully cut auburn hair, startling green eyes and sinfully full lips.

“Holy. Shit,” Melaniece whispered.

Michael Bannon walked into her living room, eyeing her like the cat who’d swallowed the canary…or in this case, the partridge in the pear tree.

Snippet Saturday Authors
Rhian Cahill
Leah Braemel
Mari Carr
Shiloh Walker
McKenna Jeffries
Taige Crenshaw
HelenKay Dimon
Lauren Dane
Jody Wallace

Snippet Saturday – Fireworks!

Snippet Saturday is a brilliant collaboration by Lauren Dane and a fabulous group of authors that she’s invited to join her in posting book goodies every Saturday, of which I am thrilled to be a part of. This week’s Snippet Saturday theme is—FIREWORKS, meaning an action scene or a love scene. I chose an action scene this go-round.

This is a scene from Death and Roses, a sci-fi erotic romance starring an awesome Gen8 Super Soldier named Scharsi and our hero, Tanil.

Now every girl needs to get her shopping in every now and again, right? Well, Scharsi is at the spaceport market trying to get her fix when she has to remind a person why you don’t ever, EVER want to mess with a Gen8. Check her out, then enjoy the rest of the Snippet Saturday authors via the links at the bottom of the post. Tally ho!

Today’s outfit, a gift from Princess Cerise, was a wholly feminine affair. Well, almost. Cerise had revealed that the bottoms were made of a synthsilk fabric so light that it would practically float against her skin as she moved. The cut was such that it looked like an elegant skirt, but the panel in the front actually hid the true design—a pair of wide-legged pants to give her the ability to move quickly and fight, if needed.

The top was a finely knit material, soft and clingy and just thick enough to keep the chill off her arms. It fit like a second skin, showing off her breasts, the muscular set of her shoulders and back, clear down to the flare of her waist. Where the top ended was where the pants began.

Both were done in a jewel-toned green that reminded Scharsi of precious stones. But she still sported tactical boots. After all, comfort was comfort.

“Hey, beautiful, how ‘bout joining me and my friends here for a drank?”

Drank? Did the man actually say “drank”? Good grief. Guess it took all kinds to make a rebellion work. And these men sported baggy overall suits that, regardless of the oversizing, still didn’t quite fit. These guys were simply…big. Not muscular, but tall and wide with bellies that could probably use a few jack-knife sit-ups. They sported various splotches of what looked like crystolium dust and engine grease. Hmmm. Scharsi wondered what use engine grease could possibly be in one’s hair.

“No thanks. Appreciate the offer.”

“Aw come on, darlin’. We’re about the only ones here that ain’t a-scared of you. Take your pleasure where you can git it.”

“I will say this once and once only. Go. Away.”

With that, Scharsi turned her back on the man and his dumb-as-volcanic-ash friends and went back to choosing a gift for Tanil. It was a hard thing. She wasn’t really sure what he liked. Today was an open market of sorts. Those who wanted to sell or trade brought their wares to the Bay, a large empty central space in the main hangar. Luckily there was plenty to choose from.

Idiot Number One stepped into her path.

“Word has it you’re some big bad Super Soldier bitch. But we know better.”

“Yeah, we know better,” said Idiot One’s sidekick. “Everybody knows that no Super Soldier leaves the corps. Only ones ever done it is the consorts of the princess.”

Scharsi smiled as she recalled Carl getting a friend to hack into the IMF security files. What she’d read about her generation of SS blew her away. It happened years ago, but just the thought of what they’d found in that file made her chest swell with pride. Why? Because it was the truth, probably the only truth she’d ever seen come out of the IMF.

CONFIDENTIAL—Conclusion of Gen 8 Testing: Ability to heal has increased significantly compared to a typical human. E.g. A bullet wound to a human’s deep muscle tissue of the shoulder would require 840 hours, or 35 standard days, of intense physical therapy and rehabilitation. For the same wound, Gen 8 requires approximately 210 hours, or 9 days with no intense therapy. Gen 8 is vulnerable to fatality by puncturing the heart, intestines or brain. However, the increased bone density in the skull makes it difficult. If a Gen 8 soldier decided to turn on the IMF there would be little we could do to stop them, other than track them down and kill them. Quelling a rebellion could only be accomplished by breeding a more advanced soldier.

“Why don’t you show us how badass you are? Come on back to our room. Bet you taste like real chocolate with all that pretty dark skin.”

Scharsi looked down at the fingers now dirtying up the sleeve of her new outfit. Asshole.

“Take your hand off me. I won’t tell you again.”

He didn’t. Bad choice.

“Well, you just look like a big-assed dike, to me. And a dike ain’t nothin’ but a wannabe man.”

Out of the corner of her eye, Scharsi saw a familiar shape on the edge of the growing crowd. Tanil. He simply shook his head with an expression of pity. She knew it wasn’t for her, but for the mouth breather who threw back his head and laughed like he’d told the biggest joke of the century. What the oversized, engine-grease-wearing IQ-deficient backward acting human didn’t realize was that he was the joke. If he pushed her hard enough, took one more step, he would learn that some jokes had terrible punch lines.

Damn. He took a step. Too bad.

Tanil had just left a meeting with Regan to discuss their next move. A shortcut through the central square brought him up on a scene that he had a feeling would become all too familiar.

He overheard the greaseball who had the nerve to touch Scharsi. All he could do was shake his head in amazement at how stupid some people really were. In fact, Tanil wondered where the man got the brain energy to breathe everyday. Before he could complete the thought, Scharsi was in action.

The woman spun off her weak foot and took down the target so fast Tanil was glad she wasn’t mad at him. Her aim for the soft flesh of the man’s belly had been true and he could tell she hadn’t bothered to temper the force behind her perfectly executed spinning back kick.

To this point, he’d only seen this woman’s purely feminine side. This? This was something else entirely. This was the trained soldier. The woman who could put her fist through a body and pull out a beating heart. The thought made him absently rub the healed laser rifle wound, now nothing more than a fading scar on his chest.

Her opponent, if you could call him that, must have thought Scharsi was through with him. Instead she raised the bawling, writhing mass of “supposed male” off the paved deck and tossed him into one of his buddies who probably thought he was coming to the rescue. Poor suckers.

Snippet Saturday Authors
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Shelli Stevens
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Jody Wallace
Mari Carr
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Snippet Saturday – Fears *shiver*

I don’t think today’s Snippet Saturday topic needs any ‘splaining. In this Snippet, fear = scared shitless! And this alpha is determined that his woman isn’t going to be anyone’s prey.

Enjoy this Snippet from Jaguar’s Rule, then be sure to visit all the Snippet Saturday authors via the links at the bottom of the post

Jaguar’s Rule
Kindle | Nook

There was no trail here, just a huge mound rising up out of the ground, covered with brush and vegetation. Making their way around, Aaron signaled Anthony and Austin to go to the left while he flew off to the right. If their luck held, they’d meet up together at the rear of the structure.

Adrenaline sent his heart up into his throat as it pounded from a combination of fear and hope. If anything happened to Reya he couldn’t even wrap his head around what he’d do. The only thing he could see in his mind’s eye was a curtain of pulsing red rage and black fear. Please, God, let him get to her in time.

The next scream froze the blood from his brain all the way down to the middle of his chest as it faded into nothing.

Just as he hoped, his brothers pushed aside the overgrown vines and thorns at the same time he did right in front of a low stone ledge that led into a newly uncovered structure of some sort. Thankfully, there was a string of dim electric torches lining the walls, obviously part of the excavation effort. Raising their night-vision goggles, Aaron again motioned for silence as they moved cautiously into the building and down a narrow earth and stone hallway to the sounds of scrapes, growls and snarls.

Toward the rear of the building, the hallway curved then opened up into a wide room. Three pairs of eyes widened at the sight of two muscular jaguars fighting to the death. Aaron recognized both cats.

“No!” he bellowed, jumping in front of his brothers as they raised their guns to fire. “Don’t shoot!”
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