Hey everyone,

I’m blogging today over at the Dynamic Trio blog about one of the goofiest things I’ve done in awhile. Hope on over and visit the “I Can’t Believe I Did It” post. Be prepared to laugh. Geesh!

xPost – Today is the Big Day!

For more than one reason.

First off – HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Make it an awesome day with that someone special. And if you don’t have a someone special (like me) just take a second look. We single gals might not have a bed warmer, but we do have friends and family that love us and we love in turn. Make them your Valentine. My kids don’t know it yet, but they’re going to be my Valentine’s, complete with goodies and lots of chocolate.


Today at the Romance Studio’s blog, the big CAPA announcement party is happening! I’m shaking in my boots with nervous excitement because Carinian’s Seeker, Vampire Council of Ethics Book 1, has been nominated for Best Paranormal Erotic Romance of 2007. *TJ dancing around the room badly*

I’m so honored to be in the running with such awesome writers as our very own Lauren Dane (Fire and Rain), Jory Strong (Sophie’s Dragon), Cindy Spencer Pape (Curses), Devyn Quinn (Flesh and the Devil) and Isabella Jordan (Taking Julia).

Some come by sometime today, chat on the blog with all of the CAPA nominated folks, and see what’s going on!

Another Kick Butt Review!

This one from Romance Junkies:

Title: Torrid Tarot: Egyptian Voyage
Category: Paranormal
Reviewer: Angel
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Blue Ribbon Rating: 4.5
ISBN: 1419912191

Another exciting adventure in the TORRID TAROT series, TJ Michaels brings us the captivating story of Rahn and Chrysalyn.

Chrysalyn Geyer is an agent who is on the edge. So her boss figures he is doing her a huge favor by making her take a vacation. Someone as active as Chrys is at a loss of what to do with herself for three months and bring stuck on a cruise ship is not helping. Then a blast from the past appears in the form of Rahn and all of a sudden, Chrys’s boring trip turns into an adventure.
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What a Day-Maker!

Most of the reviews for Egyptian Voyage have been good. But after a couple of reviewers just really didn’t “get it” this made my freakin’ month!

Title: Torrid Tarot: Egyptian Voyage
Author: T.J. Michaels
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave Publishing
Publisher URL:
Reviewer: Mahaira Fatima
Rating: 4/5 Stars
Heat level: H

A three-month vacation seems quite an ordeal for undercover agent Chrysalyn Geyer who doesn’t think of doing anything outside work. A suave fellow traveler, Eden Pall finds her interesting and the sabbatical starts to feel a little better. While she is adjusting, Rahn Benson appears as a blast from her past and fills up her mind with naughty ideas. Protected by their spirit guides, will they have a second chance at love when evil can touch them any where they go?
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Hatsept Head, Book 3 of the Vampire Council of Ethics series has been sold! SQUEEEE! This is Kenoe’s story and my god, if you’ve never had the hots for a man with white locs and arctic white-blue eyes, trust me, you will! Click HERE for the other V.C.O.E. books which can also be purchased as any of the sites where eBooks are sold. Enjoy!