Big Cats – Love ’em (Jaguars)

I posted this over on the Dynamic Trio website a few days ago and thought I’d share it here (duh!)

If you’ve read my books, such as Jaguar’s Rule, Spirit of the Pryde, Primed to Pounce or Egyptian Voyage, you know I really have a thing for large cats. I don’t mean overweight Garfield types, but lions, tigers, jaguars and the like. I was thinking about my need to schedule my family’s next camping trip to enjoy the great outdoors, and a thought came to mind – what would it be like to run up on one of my favorite animals in the middle of the night? I mean, if he wasn’t after ME, of course ;D

Black Jaguar

Ever wonder what a jaguar sounds like? Well, I’ve got an answer for you. Choose from the several selections on the player below, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the jungles of Belize in the middle of the night…

Strangely enough, the sounds didn’t scare me or make me feel afraid. But after you listen to them, tell me whether they curled your toes! Especially, sound clip number three. Whew!

Love, TJ (a/k/a Big Cat Nutball Extraordinaire)

The Great Outdoors

The weather here has been absolutely scorching. Now I’m SO not the girl who enjoys being baked alive, but I do enjoy getting outside. I don’t get to do it as often as I’d like anymore (somehow those danged responsibilities sometimes get in the way ;D) but I like to walk at lunch time with some of the ladies at the office. The other day when I took this pic it was cloudy out with a bit of a cool breeze as a storm blew in. And it was STILL almost 80 degrees outside! Even with my hair pulled up my poor neck was all sweaty – wasn’t even cute!

(Click the pic for a larger image)
Warning: Entering the ‘No Makeup’ Zone!

Forget New Year’s resolutions (I don’t bother to make them), it’s all about taking care of yourself all year long. Last year was one of the most stressful years of my life, mostly due to my job. And I made a commitment to myself that I would SO not go there again, being worked up and worked over to the point of affecting my health.

I’ve always been a health goofball – I love the outdoors, I like going to the gym, and like taking walks. Not to the point of being a fanatic, but it is important to take care of yourself. Especially if you have kids. Your kids need you to be around for a good long time.

So what are you doing to keep yourself in good health? And if you’re not doing anything, maybe I can help you with that?

First, a good way to work off stress is to play! Do something fun. My game of choice right now is World of WarCraft. Another good way is to get physical. You don’t have to lift a ridiculous amount of weights, or do aerobics until you faint. Just a little stroll about the neighborhood, enjoying the evening breeze is good, too. And it’s even better if you can grab the hand of someone you care about and drag them along ;D


WoW! Literally…

Okay, I am officially a World of Warcraft nutball. I am totally hooked on this blasted game. It’s all my sons fault – he was always asking me to play Halo and Call of Duty and stuff like that, but they held no appeal for me. Then he started harping on me about WarCraft. Of course, I did what most moms do – I looked at him and said, ‘Not interested’ and went back to my writing. Then one day he pulled a whammy on me – “But mom, it’s something we can do together” then blinked those big brown eyes at me. So huffing and sighing I let him install it on my laptop, grumbling about manipulative children and the like.

Then we started playing together, he was on one computer and I was on mine. AND IT WAS A BLAST! Since he’d been playing longer he helped me through getting started, showed me where things were and which monsters to avoid. Then Christmas rolled around and the son who was wrapped up in WarCraft moved on to the games that came with his brand new Xbox 360. But good ole’ mom that I am, I kept WarCrafting.

And by the time the kid came back to the game I was ten levels ahead of him! And now…I’M TWENTY LEVELS AHEAD. Given I don’t do much but work and write, I’ve found myself surrounded by tons of other thirty- and forty-somethings who gather online to play this game and have a good time. It’s like our own little community ;D

This is one of my characters on the Bladefist server. Notice the name? Obviously, she’s got to be a genius to have a name like that! If you’re ever online, come by and say hello! Especially if you’re a fan of my book, CARINIAN’S SEEKER ;D

Happy Friday (xPost)!

Hi all! I don’t have alot to write about because I’m frantically working on three manuscripts all at the same time. One book is the story of Alaina Bixler, the daughter of Carin and Bix. I hadn’t planned to continue the series after the third book (Kenoe’s story, due out in July) but I got an idea in my head that I just couldn’t shake, so it’s in the works. And speaking of Kenoe’s story, the final book cover has been okay’d and it’s now up on the Samhain Publishing coming soon web page.

I’m also working on books for the Pryde sisters from Spirit of the Pryde. They’ve been on hold for a while, but I’m now hot and heavy writing Niah’s story.

The weekend is upon us – woohoo! I just trashed my grill, otherwise I’d be out back running the smoker (yummm!!!). And since we don’t have any family in Colorado, we just hang out together and enjoy the awesome weather with our new puppies, or with my kids’ friends.

And while barbeque is the word of the day on a hot summer day, if you’re a martini kind of gal, I recently got some new recipes that you just might like…

Check out the Fine Living take on Washington Apple Martinis, Blueberry Martinis, Flirt-inis, Passion-tinis, and more!

What’s New…

Hi all! Fabulous news! Hatsept Heat, Vampire Council of Ethics Book 3 is up on the Samhain Publishing coming soon page. To get a look, click here.

I also received the cover for the Pocket Books anthology that will contain Jaguar’s Rule. It’s called DOING IT THE HARD WAY.

I’d love to know what you think.

Pix: Ireland and the UK

If you started at either or, this is the third stop on our photo tour.

First is a pic from the national museum of a mock-up or model of the Hill of Tara. According to Wikipedia, “The Hill of Tara, known as Temair in gaeilge, was once the ancient seat of power in Ireland – 142 kings are said to have reigned there in prehistoric and historic times. In ancient Irish religion and mythology Temair was the sacred place of dwelling for the gods, and was the entrance to the otherworld.”

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Finally, Booksigning Pics ;D

I was finally able to get the pictures of the booksigning I did with my good friend, Lise Fuller, back in April. We did it at Beth Anne’s Book Cover in Colorado Springs and it was an absolute blast. We also had a Cobblestone Press author, Diana Bold, join us. It was alot of fun, complete with four different kinds of cake and ice cream. Sigh…life is good ;D

(Part of the screen on the right is pushed off into the black border because of the size of the pics. So, nope, there’s nothing wrong with your computer ;D After folks have had a chance to look at the pics, I’ll move them to a separate page so there are no display issues. In the meantime, enjoy ;D)

By the way, Lise’s fabulous website is HERE

TJ, the lefty, signing at Beth Anne’s Book Corner.
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Ireland, Day 3…or 4?

Now I thought driving in my hometown was crazy, but Dublin takes the cake. Luckily my family enjoys each other and even a stressful situation turned into great fun.

Basically, we got directions – printed, mapped out directions, mind you – to a place called Clontarf. The goal was to visit the Bram Stoker’s Dracula attraction. Why? Because Bram Stoker was born here in the 1800’s and I just love the adaptation of his book about Count Dragul. So anyway, we followed the directions to a tee and still ended up driving for hours with no success. There are no frickin’ street signs here, except every now and again.
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Belgium Day 3

Okay, I am officially hooked on fresh french and sourdough bed. In fact, it’s so good it reminds me of home (S.F.). I had dinner at a place called DePost the other night and it was SO good. They took a simple salad, added fresh sliced apples, kiwi and strawberries, some baked cinnamon apples, HUGE shrimp, and all kinds of veggies and put a light ginger viniagrette on it. I was in straight up heaven! But the portion was so big I had to take it back to the hotel with me. The next night (tonight, in fact) I went to a place called Flora for dinner. I walked in and asked if they could fix me a dish for ‘take away’ (they don’t call it take out). They said no problem. But when the guy gave me a menu, I asked for some help because the menu was all in Dutch. He just kept saying, in perfect English, well just look up at the menu on the board.
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Belgium Day 1

Hi ya’ll, I’ve been traveling/moving/not-sleeping/plane hopping/running for the gate/running for the train, etc for more than 18 hours so I apologize in advance if this post doesn’t make any sense or starts to ramble ;D

I made it to Amsterdam by the skin of my teeth! What was I thinking booking a flight that connected through Chicago with only a 1 hour window? I must have been sleepwalking when I booked the flight because EVERYONE knows you can’t get into or out of Chicago on time. Duh!

Needless to say when I landed in Chicago I had to literally run for my connection to Amsterdam – which happened to be the ONLY flight to Amsterdam. And I made it…just as they were closing the airplane door. However, the flight crew was excellent and wonderfully attentive. The flight was non-eventful and devoid of any turbulence, bumps or any other vomit inducing moments.

The train ride from Amsterdam to Belgium was somewhat interesting in that none of it was unfamiliar. There were simple brick homes, apartment buildings, green pastures with lots of horses, cows and sheep (which we do see in Colorado just about anywhere but the city of Denver proper. Well, except for the green part. Colorado is DRY and BROWN most of the year). And graffiti. Even in the middle of a pasture with nothing but a single room itty bitty shack surrounded by cattle, there was graffiti. And surprisingly, it looked just like the stuff we have at home, down to the colors and style of writing.
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