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Contests and Ouchies!

Oh my freaking god, you are not going to believe what happened to me today. I have to tell this before I get into the really cool contest that Moira Rogers is hosting.

Okay, I was on my way out of the door at 6:30 am to get to the early morning sessions as the customer event the company I work with hosts each year. Well in my house we have a baby gate at the top of the stairs to keep my kids’ puppies from running around the house at night.

Yours truly stepped over that gate, down one step…and my sock slipped on the carpet. I went down like a ton of bricks and slid down the stairs, bumping my ass and my head until I got to the bottom. It was SO not fun!

My son came running from his room to help me get up (my sacrum and head were on FREAKING FIRE!) the puppies were at the top of the stairs (amazingly the baby gate stayed in place) looking at me like ‘what the hell…?’ and my daughter, who can’t walk right now, was in the living room downstairs yelling and asking if I was alright.

So here I am at the end of the day in the most amazing pain. My sacrum is bruised and it hurts to get up or sit down. Hurts to just sit here. Ack! But overall, the day was awesome! ROFL!

Now on to the good stuff…

Author, Moira Rogers, is holding the coolest contest I’ve heard of in awhile. Not only because one of my books is featured in it, but because it’s an awesome idea for people (like me ;D) who enjoy series. I’m always looking for a good series, ya’ll. So first, the cool graphic…then the details ;D

Get Hooked

So, what do me, Sharon Cullen, Misty Evans, Carolan Ivey, Kate Johnson, Melissa Lopez, Michelle Pillow, Moira Rogers, Renee Wildes and Linda Winfree have in common? We’re all authors with Samhain Publishing, and we want to hook you on a new series! These stories range from paranormal romance to romantic suspense, and are sure to entertain you. If you’d like a chance to win one, fill out the form on Moira’s website and you’ll be entered in the Get Hooked On a Series drawing. Eleven lucky winners will discover a new series! Winners will be announced on October 20th.

So scoot on over to Moira’s and get in on the goodies…while I go take some more Motrin! ;D


Holiday Hotties is Coming… (xPost)

Hi all,

Last year we had a kick butt contest called Holiday Hotties. It was such a success we’re doing it again this year. Only this time instead of the contest covering just Christmas, we’re including Halloween and Thanksgiving, too!

So what does this mean for you? Basically we’re going to have a running contest that spans from October to Christmas. Each month, the TJ On A Tangent newsletter will contain excerpts from your favorite participating authors and questions about those fabulous writers.

A single winner will be chosen each month. Then at Christmas, everyone who has played has the chance to win one of three gift baskets of cool stuff from all of the authors.

What’s really cool is that your prize depends on the number of authors that participate. So if we have twelve participating authors and three winners, you each get four books and lots of goodies in your gift basket. If there are eighteen authors, each winner gets six books and oober-cool goodies!

So stay tuned…Holiday Hotties is coming!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Reviews and Winners!

The first reviews for Hatsept Heat are out! Check ’em out here or on Reviews at Wild On Books!

And now for contest news – The winner from the Wild On Books blog contest from my post, Introducing TJ Michaels, was…PAMK! She received a copy of my brand new release, Hatsept Heat, Vampire Council of Ethics Book 3!

And winner from Kate Hill’s list mom day over at the Ellora’s Cave Yahoo reader’s loop was…KIMW! She also received a copy of my latest release, Hatsept Heat!

The next contest will be happening here on my site. It’ll be a blog contest where you have a chance to win a copy of J.C. Wilder’s kick butt book, Winter’s Daughter! Check out the review from Joyfully Reviewed – it’s smoking!

Heck of a blog!

Jennifer over at Wild On Books caught up with me and invited me to guest blog over there. It was alot of fun and the topic is one that’s on everyone’s mind – The Olympics…and the upcoming release of Caramel Kisses (yummm!)

Check out the blog post and a sweet (and oh-so-naughty) excerpt from my first contemporary, older woman – younger man story. It’s smokin’! And as always, the plot is interesting and solid.

Want a look? Visit Wild On Books


I Was On The Radio!!

AND IT FREAKING ROCKED!! And of course we talked about the new book release, HATSEPT HEAT, but many of the other topics are just downright wild! Woot!!

Check it out here–> Raven Vampire Radio Party

Oh my God, it was so much fun! I don’t think I’ve laughed that much while being interviewed in my whole (though short) career!

Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow are absolute nut balls! Give a listen and tell me what you think.


It’s Here!

It’s out everybody! Oh my God, I couldn’t be more thrilled that Hatsept Heat, the 3rd book in the Vampire Council of Ethics hit the cyber shelves yesterday from Samhain!

To purchase, Visit Samhain Publishing

Excerpt from (Explicit)
By TJ Michaels, Copyright 2007
Coming July 29, 2008 ~ Samhain Publishing, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

They chatted amicably but Kenoe didn’t miss the occasional frown whenever he let his guard down long enough for his anxiety, though slight, to creep down the bond. Bottom line—he had no desire to see the you’re-crazy-as-a-loon skepticism in her eyes when he told her what he was. God knew she wouldn’t believe him.

And he was less than enthusiastic about her reaction to the fact that he, Mr. Law Enforcement, as she called him, was investigating her closest relative for something that had nothing to do with honest vamps, and everything to do with Dr. Jekyll humans.

Not to mention the possibility of her flat-out rejecting him.

Ruthlessly squashing down all concern, he filled his mind with lighter thoughts. Actually just thinking on what a fabulous dinner she’d prepared for him, what a kind and considerate woman she was, a woman so sweet yet with an edge sharp enough to cut himself on. The perfect alpha. His perfect alpha.

And she’d prepared a dessert of strawberries covered with brown sugar syrup, laced with lemon zest. Oh yeah, she was a keeper. He only hoped she would feel the same when he told her…
When had she moved from her chair?

Shinju grinned and pushed his empty dishes off to the side. She held her hand out to him.


“Up, handsome.”

Wondering what she was on about, he didn’t move but cocked his head to the side and waited instead.

“Naoru. Get. Up.” Her tone was stern, but not bitchy. He stood and allowed himself to be positioned to her liking. Mischief danced along their developing link and tickled the nerve endings at the base of his skull.
Continue reading It’s Here!

TJ On A Tangent

You haven’t seen an issue of TJ On A Tangent in quite a while, but it’s coming on July 15th with new articles, sneak peeks into the new novel I’ve just contracted with Ellora’s Cave, news on the new Vampire Council of Ethics books coming next month, a cool summer recipe and something very catty.

Get in on the fun by subscribing. And we will never, ever give out your e-mail addy so be assured you’ll get no spamming from this quarter (grrrr, I hate spammers!)

Happy Wednesday!



I’m totally dancing on air right now (look out below!) – remember the contemporary older woman/younger man story I told you about? It was my first contemporary and I was feeling a bit insecure about it. It’s the first time I’ve written a book without the paranormal element and boy did it feel weird not to have vamps, shifters, weres and spirit guides running around trying to take over the story.

I submitted said story to both my pubs. One didn’t like it at all, the other loved it! So with a few tweaks to the plot, a bit more suspense and some (u-hem) grammar correction, I can now announce that the book, CARAMEL KISSES, has been sold to Ellora’s Cave! YAY!!!!

Contracts are in the mail and I’ll be putting a blurb and excerpt up on my website soon on the Sneak Peek page.

Oh goodness, I almost forgot to tell you what the story is about – it’s the story of a woman named Sydni Cannes. She’s an executive, high rolling, six-figure babe who’s worked her butt off not only to make it in life, but to put her younger sister through school. Well, Syd has had less than stellar luck in the ‘guy’ department and has simply buried herself in work and responsibilities instead. She isn’t a man hater, but simply doesn’t want to deal with Mr. Right, Mr. Right Now or Mr. Warm Pulse. A life without the drama is simply fine with her. Well, that and her trusty B.O.B.

Thankfully her younger sister knows Syd is missing out on enjoying the companionship she deserves. So what does she do? She talks her Syd into letting her hair down for a night. The result? Sydni lands in jail! Low and behold, her knight in shining armor come to bail her out is none other than a co-worker she’s been avoiding like the plague. Yes, Drew has come to save her from the humiliation of the county clink. Gorgeous as all get out, the man is too charismatic by half, too damned good looking, several shades too light and…eight years her junior! All wrong! Hell, if Sydni didn’t know better, she’d think it was all planned from the beginning…

Stay tuned… *tj giggling like a kid in a candy shop with a million dollars to spare!*

Big Cats – Love ’em (Jaguars)

I posted this over on the Dynamic Trio website a few days ago and thought I’d share it here (duh!)

If you’ve read my books, such as Jaguar’s Rule, Spirit of the Pryde, Primed to Pounce or Egyptian Voyage, you know I really have a thing for large cats. I don’t mean overweight Garfield types, but lions, tigers, jaguars and the like. I was thinking about my need to schedule my family’s next camping trip to enjoy the great outdoors, and a thought came to mind – what would it be like to run up on one of my favorite animals in the middle of the night? I mean, if he wasn’t after ME, of course ;D

Black Jaguar

Ever wonder what a jaguar sounds like? Well, I’ve got an answer for you. Choose from the several selections on the player below, close your eyes and imagine yourself in the jungles of Belize in the middle of the night…

Strangely enough, the sounds didn’t scare me or make me feel afraid. But after you listen to them, tell me whether they curled your toes! Especially, sound clip number three. Whew!

Love, TJ (a/k/a Big Cat Nutball Extraordinaire)

What’s New…

Hi all! Fabulous news! Hatsept Heat, Vampire Council of Ethics Book 3 is up on the Samhain Publishing coming soon page. To get a look, click here.

I also received the cover for the Pocket Books anthology that will contain Jaguar’s Rule. It’s called DOING IT THE HARD WAY.

I’d love to know what you think.