Holiday Hotties and Merry Christmas

Thank you to all who joined us at the Holiday Hottie chat on December 19th. It was a load of fun. And now, HOLIDAY HOTTIES is done! The two grand prize winners will be announced on Monday, December 22, 2008. Stay tuned!

I’m giving books this year which, believe it or not, is something I’ve never done. If you’re doing the same here are some links to make it easier.



My First v-Blog!

Okay guys, I hope this works…and be warned, there’s singing and silliness involved ;D


Let is snow!

As most of you know we moved back to the Pacific Northwest a few weeks ago. It’s a place known for temperate summers and mild winters.

But last night the snow started falling! It’s absolutely beautiful and white and fluffy…and I ain’t going out in it. See there’s one thing you should know about me – I don’t do snow. Period. I don’t drive it in. I don’t walk in it. I don’t shovel it.

It is pretty to look at, though ;D


Holiday Hotties – Final Round

This is the final round before the announcement of the grand prize winner! Get your entries in to! Contest questions below:

To check out the sexy book covers and excerpts from this rounds’ awesome authors, click HERE.



  • Hey there! This is Anne Hope. Do you know:
    1) How old was I when I wrote my first book?
    2) Who would I like to meet?

    Visit me at my Website for the answers, and friend me at MySpace.

    Enjoy this excerpt of my book, Where Dreams Are Made.

  • Ever wonder about BJ McCall:
    1) In what state does BJ make her home?
    2) What type of wildlife does she spot offshore?

    Visit her at herWebsite for the answers.

    Drool a bit over her excerpt of Warrior of the Light. Oh baby!

  • Hi, this is Desiree Holt. Got the skinny on me?
    1) Where was I a sports reporter?
    2) Where do I live now?

    Visit her at her Website.

    Enjoy this excerpt of Touch of Magic You can also buy this book at Ellora’s Cave

  • Howdy all, this is Kelly Jamieson. So, tell me…
    1) What is my dog’s name?
    2) What books did I first get hooked on reading as a child?

    Visit her at her Website.

    Check out this excerpt of All I want for Christmas. You can also my books at Cobblestone Press

  • Let’s see what you know about Mechele Armstrong
    1) How many pets does Mechele have?
    2) Why do so many things in Mechele’s cyber realm have to do with Crayons?

    Visit her at her Website, on her blog.

    Check out this excerpt of Six Curses of Christmas. Her books can be purchased at Loose-Id Books

xPost – Another Cool Contest ;D

Hey all,

In addition to the Holiday Hotties contest, I’m participating in Ciar Cullen’s HUGE Christmas contest. She’s got a whole bunch of us participating, tons of cool prizes and a big grand prize (that I’m not supposed to tell you about ;D) Check it out!

And don’t forget to enter the Holiday Hotties contest, too. Some folks have entered by leaving awesome reviews on I REALLY APPRECIATE THAT!

Well, I’m back to packing…man, my back hurts so bad it feels like I fell down the stairs again! We’re moving on Friday – woohoo!! Can’t wait to get to the Pacific Northwest (Seattle). The first thing on my list is…bug Lauren Dane!


New Cover and Holiday Hotties!

And I absolutely hate it! LOL! It’s a younger man/older woman story, but the couple is only 8 years apart. The woman on the cover appears classy, settled, a professional late thirty-something…and the guy looks 12! ROFL!

I do love the colors, though. They make me think of caramel swirled over ice cream or something. I’ll have to put a blurb up soon.

HOLIDAY HOTTIES Round Two has just been sent out to TJ On A Tangent newsletter subscribers. The newsletter has new questions and the announcement of the October winner. There are also four new book covers and juicy excerpts, too. The general public will get all the ‘good stuff’ next Friday on the 15th.

Oh, I almost forgot to post the new Caramel Kisses book cover. Here it is…


If you’re a newsletter subscriber to TJ On A Tangent, you’ll get all the details and first round of questions in your e-mail today. If you’re not a subscriber…visit or on Friday the 18th ;D Look for the post entitled “Holiday Hotties Round 1.”

In the meantime, here’s the skinny:

HOLIDAY HOTTIES CONTEST!!! – From the second week in October clear through to the Christmas and Solstice holidays, the Holiday Hotties Contest is in full effect! (NEWSLETTER SUBSCRIBERS get to start playing several days ahead of everyone else ’cause ya’ll are special)

The Theme – Paranormal, Multicultural, Seasonal and Holiday romance and erotic romance. Yep, October, November and December have lots to celebrate, so why not do it in grand style?

Who’s A-Playin’? – We have some crazy out-of-this-world totally talented authors playing this year: Shelley Munro, L.A. Day, Natasha Moore, Sharon Cullen, Rhianna Samuels, Adele Dubois, Taige Crenshaw, Mechele Armstrong, Desiree Holt, B.J. McCall, Kelly Jamieson, Anne Hope and me, TJ Michaels.

Two Ways To Play – First you can enter by being an author’s personal fan. All fourteen authors (you’ll get a glimpse of new writers in each newsletter) have provided some questions for their fans. Last year, we have hints of what they’d like for Christmas. This year we decided to get a bit more personal. Note that each question will be about the author THEMSELVES, not about the books they write. It’s called “getting all into their business”. Evil grin!

For the next three months, here you will find questions from each author, along with excerpts and sexy book covers for these awesome authors. Visit their site, blogs and such for the answers to their questions.

Send the author’s name and your guess to the Holiday Hotties e-mail address (

For EVERY correct guess, your name goes into the hat for BOTH the monthly prize, and the final Grand Prize! And it is pretty darned grand. So for example, if we list three questions for L.A. Day, and you guess two of them correctly, your name goes into each hat TWICE instead of once. Yes, we know – we’re so awesome ;D

Second Way To Play – Simply leave a meaningful review for any TJ Michaels book (you can find them all on my website) and your name goes into the hat again. You can leave Samhain reviews at all of the following sites below, and Ellora’s Cave reviews on Amazon only:

Note: Please do not leave a review for a book you haven’t read. We want everyone to have a fair chance.

The GRAND PRIZE – A big holiday basket filled with goodies, including books, bags and special ‘stuff’ from the authors. All twelve of us!

LIVE OUTSIDE THE US?: Because of shipping issues with out-of-country winners in the past, if you are a international winner we will give you a gift certificate to purchase whatever you wish from your own country.

The Rules – Entries from the same person using multiple names/e-mail addresses will be disqualified. Example: Email 1 is from Carol ( and says, “Author Julie Hawt wants a golden tutu,” while email two is from Janie ( and says the exact same thing. ‘Tis a no-no.


Contests and Ouchies!

Oh my freaking god, you are not going to believe what happened to me today. I have to tell this before I get into the really cool contest that Moira Rogers is hosting.

Okay, I was on my way out of the door at 6:30 am to get to the early morning sessions as the customer event the company I work with hosts each year. Well in my house we have a baby gate at the top of the stairs to keep my kids’ puppies from running around the house at night.

Yours truly stepped over that gate, down one step…and my sock slipped on the carpet. I went down like a ton of bricks and slid down the stairs, bumping my ass and my head until I got to the bottom. It was SO not fun!

My son came running from his room to help me get up (my sacrum and head were on FREAKING FIRE!) the puppies were at the top of the stairs (amazingly the baby gate stayed in place) looking at me like ‘what the hell…?’ and my daughter, who can’t walk right now, was in the living room downstairs yelling and asking if I was alright.

So here I am at the end of the day in the most amazing pain. My sacrum is bruised and it hurts to get up or sit down. Hurts to just sit here. Ack! But overall, the day was awesome! ROFL!

Now on to the good stuff…

Author, Moira Rogers, is holding the coolest contest I’ve heard of in awhile. Not only because one of my books is featured in it, but because it’s an awesome idea for people (like me ;D) who enjoy series. I’m always looking for a good series, ya’ll. So first, the cool graphic…then the details ;D

Get Hooked

So, what do me, Sharon Cullen, Misty Evans, Carolan Ivey, Kate Johnson, Melissa Lopez, Michelle Pillow, Moira Rogers, Renee Wildes and Linda Winfree have in common? We’re all authors with Samhain Publishing, and we want to hook you on a new series! These stories range from paranormal romance to romantic suspense, and are sure to entertain you. If you’d like a chance to win one, fill out the form on Moira’s website and you’ll be entered in the Get Hooked On a Series drawing. Eleven lucky winners will discover a new series! Winners will be announced on October 20th.

So scoot on over to Moira’s and get in on the goodies…while I go take some more Motrin! ;D