Series: Gathering of the Storms

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The threat to Rhia Greysomne, First Heir of Draema, has struck time and again. Each plot, darker and more devious than the last, closer to family and loved ones.

How did a creature only known in fairy tales come to possess the magick of the Gaian clans? And how does he keep eluding the Realmwalkers, only to strike where they least expect it?

The Wind Storm and the Fire Storm have run out of time. Since he can’t seem to get to her, Rhia’s husband, RuArk Miwatani, Protector of the Realm, is now firmly in the cross-hairs of their unseen enemy.

So Rhia will do what she does best—kick ass and take names, Draeman style. A reckoning is at hand…and Rhia will be the victor. Period.

WARNING: Cunning, but gorgeous bad guys with extra-long teeth abound. Laser pistols, katanas and bows all meet in the ring, complete with hunky swagger.

NOT a STANDALONE. It is recommended that you read Volume 1 ~ Wind and Fire prior to enjoying this awesome book.

Published: August 29, 2016
Genre: fantasy. paranormal romance. post-apocalyptic.
Keywords: magic. warriors.