Snippet Saturday – Boys of Summer

We are right in the middle of Summer in the U.S. and where I live it has been unusually warm. I’m not sure the last time we have rain in the Seattle/Puget Sound area, but if there has been any in the past month, it didn’t happen at MY house!

So, hot weather brings to mind HAWT heroes of the “book” kind, yes? And what about hot, hunky heroes saving the world in the Arizona heat?

Enjoy this Snippet from Entwined Hearts and then visit the other Snippet Saturday authors via the links at the bottom of the post. Have a great weekend!


Having explained about activating the grids along the ley lines, Miss Miriam and Miss Angela disconnected from the web conference leaving Dee and Faison online with her family. Now that the “grown ups” had gone, Dee went full tilt.

“You know I love Miss Angela and her partner in crime, Miss Mirriam, but what the hell am I supposed to do in the damn desert? What if I need to call on my gift in the middle of an emergency while we’re there? Anybody think about the fact there’s no goddamn water in the desert?”

“Dee, stop biting our heads off already,” Memory demanded. “It’s not our fault the ley lines are in Arizona.”

Of course Mem was right, but Dee didn’t give a rat’s ass right then. In fact, she was approaching a meltdown of PMS proportions from being so thoroughly numb with fear. The very real possibility of calling on a gift that didn’t, couldn’t, respond set her gut to churning like a vat of old-fashioned butter in an even older churn.

As a water elemental, the one thing her gift required would be missing in a major way as they trekked across what she imagined would be endless scrub brush and sand.

She and Faison had to find their crystal grid and activate it, end of story. Failure wasn’t even an option.

“If she’s this upset now, wait ’til she finds out that she can’t—”

“Hush, Kenna!”

Dee couldn’t hold on to the laughter bubbling in her chest at Charlotte’s shushing of their baby sister. Charlotte never shushed anyone, and Kenna knew that. The surprise was so evident that it took Kenna a few seconds to get over the shock before playing the innocent.

Okay, one-thousand one, one-thousand two, one-thousand three. Any second now…

“What? What’d I do?”

Yep, right on time. Kenna was a real piece of work in such a majorly good way, and it didn’t change the fact that she was still the youngest and would try to get away with murder if she could. Damn, it was cute, the little brat. No wonder Dee loved her family to no end. But no matter how much she adored her sisters, she was far from being a fool.

“Tell me what, Kenna? Spill it.”

Kenna stared into the webcam with eyes as wide as an anime character. She made to open her mouth, then snapped it shut again.

“You guys better spill it because if I arrive in Sedona and find something you didn’t warn me about I’ll visit each of you personally and blow your houses down.”

Of course she was kidding. Almost.

Charlotte looked to Memory who looked to Kenna who looked to Charlotte. Hell, they’d gone full circle and hadn’t even said anything yet. Amazing how they went round robin even on webcam.

Memory broke the silence. She’d always been the wisest of them all. “Go ahead and tell her, Kenna. I rather like my and Marco’s house exactly where it is, thank you very much.”

“Well,” Kenna took a quick breath before raising her gaze to meet Dee’s head-on. “Miss Angela thinks that place where you have to activate the crystal is in Long Canyon.”

“I know that already, Kenna. Spill it.”

“It’s just that it’s in a wilderness park, you know, a protected wildlife-type place. You can’t…uh, well.”

“Oh holy hell, just tell me already!” Dee stood, snapped her hands to her hips and tapped her foot so hard that she felt the smooth hard wood floors under the carpet. Grrr.

“You can’t drive in there. You can’t even take an ATV.”

“Fine, we can take bikes in then.”

“Nope. No bikes. Nothing mechanical at all. The rules are strictly enforced and the fines are pretty hefty.”

“You mean we have to walk all the way into the park?”

“Yep, and that’s the fun part.”

“McKennaaaa,” Dee warned. “It can’t be that bad. It’s only a three-mile hike into the canyon, right?” She sat back down on the couch and turned to Faison for confirmation just as the information popped up on the screen of the laptop he worked on.

“Sorry, baby, but it’s not a three-mile hike. It’s a three-hour hike.”

“Ah, fer fuck’s sake. Are you serious? Three hours? Whole hours? So not only is it so dry we have to bring our own water, correction, carry in our own water, but three hours of carrying? Fuck a duck!”

Faison set the laptop down and wrapped her in his arms without preamble.

“Yep. But at least you’ll have good company, sweetheart.”

Amazing how a simple smile from Faison could make her almost forget the coming aching feet and almost-mind-numbing-’cause-there’s-no-water fear. Almost.

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