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There are big cities, like San Francisco and New York, from coast to coast of this great country. But there’s no rule that says a big city has to be during this life period, right? Alternate Earth’s can have big towns, too. So, introducing the Province of Draema and the High City of Draema Proper. Stay for awhile and take a look around. Enjoy this Snippet from Gathering of the Storms – Wind and Fire, then visit the other Snippet Saturday authors via the links at the bottom of the post. Tally ho!

GatherineStorm_pr2Coming Fall 2013
by TJ Michaels, All Rights Reserved

The expressions of his party had shown none of their discomfort or concern with the suddenly pressing journey back here. In fact, if not for the chilling mounds of snow piled along the roads and the biting winds it would have been a good time under clear and amazingly vivid blue skies.

They’d moved quickly along the road through the buffer zone that separated Draema Seine from the capitol of the province, Draema Proper. In the distance, the High City had been a welcome site rising from the heart of these lands. Built in the middle of its seven colonies, this was the most advanced area in the world. The City shone like a beacon, the dawning sunlight reflected various shades of pink and purple off both the inner and outer walls, all built with the famous silvery-white Draeman stone.

Sleek buildings were shaded by tree-lined walks that led into vast city squares. The High City boasted a mix of rolling hills and neatly groomed pastures running alongside well-kept roads. Some were laid with cobbled stone while others, covered by a smooth dark  magnetized substance that allowed the passage of small conveyances called ‘hovers’, stretched across the city like black sparkling ribbons. Horses were still used here for sport, but inter- and outer-city travel typically meant a ride one of the neat little vehicles or a spot on the train.

RuArk preferred the wild open spaces of his own province, but didn’t hesitate to admit this place held wonder for those who appreciated such things.

He’d brought more than thirty men on this jaunt, but only RuArk and a single fireteam of six had passed through the open City gates this morning. There were few of his people in this province, yet he was immediately recognized. The advantage to being the son of the ruler of the neighboring province was being waved through the towering gates quickly. Well, that and the reputation of being a ruthless bastard that took down enemies hard and fast with no promise to ask questions later meant no delays for him or his warriors.

Through a second set of lower walls that surrounded the Citadel, the High Council’s right-hand, Mannon, had greeted them and rushed them into a meeting. From this morning’s arrival until leaving the High Counsel’s chambers moments ago, they’d worked through one planning session after another until everything was in place.

Though so tired his muscles weighed down his bones as he dragged himself toward bed, RuArk could not ignore the flash and tensing of excitement that tapped at his gut. As if something long dead was waking inside him, stretching and unfurling itself in anticipation of seeing where this new turn in life would take it.

And Reanne was smack in the middle of this, this…whatever it was.

And in spite of the intrigue surrounding the danger to the woman, what would occur between them would be hot as the mid-Summer sun. He’d known from the Seeking, had felt it as he’d replayed that vision over and over in his mind. Damn near ached for it now that he knew the woman was somewhere near. Strange he still hadn’t seen the flesh and blood star of his Seeking vision. But he would soon enough.

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