Snippet Saturday – Circles in the Sand

The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been nothing short of spectacular! It makes me think of beaches and palm trees and hearing the lap of water as background music. Dreamy sigh. It also makes me think of mischief making at its finest (but don’t tell anybody)!

This excerpt from my new release, Niah’s Pride, lets us see just how mischievous a lion shifter is willing to get when it comes to fun in the sun…

Enjoy then visit all of the fantastic Snippet Saturday authors via the links at the end of the post. Happy Weekend to all!


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Niah squealed like a little girl when she caught a tuna, even though it was only big enough to throw back into the ocean. Luckily, Lou snagged a Mahi Mahi that could feed a small army and she looked forward to enjoying it for dinner. If they’d been in their pelts they could have devoured it on the spot. Then again, the thought of maneuvering around all those little bones gave her pause. There was a reason why lions preferred big game.

They were almost back to the bungalow when Lou slipped his arms around her waist from behind and gave her something she couldn’t resist—a challenge.

“We’re almost home. Race you to the dock?”

“Tempting. What do I get when I win?” she asked with a cocky grin.

“You win, I’ll rub you down with some of that coconut stuff in that toiletry bag your sisters sent with you. What do I get when you lose?” he asked, sly intent written all over his face.

“Lose?” she scoffed. “I won’t lose.”

“Really? You sure about that, darlin’?”

“I’m so sure I’ll win that you can spank my ass purple if I don’t.”

She bit back a belly laugh at the way his eyes lit up and his brows flew upward on his face. And then he was moving at top speed, stripping off his shorts as he went. Bare-assed naked, Lou stood at the readyin more ways than one.

“Can you swim with that cock of yours weighing you down?”

He flashed a grin that was nothing but the baring of canines as he called the captain via intercom.

Niah couldn’t take her eyes off of him. He knew exactly what she was thinking and his grin—along with the erection waving at the fish—grew as she stared.

“Captain, you can stop and drop anchor. We’re going to swim in from here.” Then he covered the mouthpiece and asked if she wanted to fish again tomorrow. At her eager nod he continued, “Please deliver the staff to their bungalow after we disembark. We’ll see you in the morning for another go at the marlin that escaped us today.”

“Will do, sir. See you in the morning.”

The engine cut and the boat slowed, then drifted a few moments before finally halting.

Lou was at the back of the boat, ready to dive.

God, the man was just too damn gorgeous for words. Packed muscle flexed on his chest and back as he readied himself. His ass, which was pure perfection, flowed down to sculpted thighs. Hell, even his feet were pretty.

A breeze ruffled unruly, dark brown curls just as he snapped her out of her ogling.

“Come on, woman, hurry up. I have a spanking to deliver.”

She laughed, stepped up next to him and stuck out her tongue. Without another word, she dove into the water and swam for it.

Niah had learned on her last bounty assignment that Lou fought dirty. A gorgeous hunk of male perfection, cunning and relentless when in pursuit of a goal, but his ruthlessness had never been directed at her. So when he’d challenged her to a race from the fishing boat to the bungalow she’d expected to simply swim for it and let her sleeker body give her an advantage in the water. Kind of like pitting a nimble seal against a killer whale. Nine times out of ten, the seal would win the match by out-maneuvering his opponent.

It was a great strategyand she’d quickly found its flaw.

The man had used his stronger legs to dive farther away from the boat, then when she’d caught up to him, he’d grabbed at various body parts to keep her from pulling ahead. In the end, he’d played so dirty she came up sputtering and laughing at the absurdity of it all. When she’d finally stopped coughing and giggling, Lou was sitting on the edge of the dock in front of their thatch-roofed bungalow, grinning.

Finally up the ladder of the pier, she walked past him without a word and headed inside, where she stripped out of her wet bathing suit and hit the shower to wash off the salt of the ocean. Wrapped in a damp towel and still inwardly beaming at the genius of her mate, she headed into the living area and spied him pouring wine in the kitchen.

She dropped the towel.

The wine stopped mid-pour.

Once at the loveseat, she bent over the back of the couch, bared herself and waited. After all, a girl was only as good as her word.

“Mmm, look what the cat dragged in,” Lou drawled. His swim trunks hit the floor and he walked around her like a shark circling a juicy meal. Hmmm. Maybe she should have reconsidered her analogy—seals had a pretty good survival rate against killer whalesbut against sharks? Not so much.


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