Snippet Saturday – A woman to love

Today’s theme makes me think of the movie, Something’s Gotta Give, with Jack Nicholson and Diane Keeton. Remember that part where he says, “Erica, you are a woman to love.” And when she gets home she thinks back on his words and says to herself, “What does that even mean?”

Today it means that our hero has just gotten a good first glimpse at our leading lady. Enjoy a snippet from the upcoming release of Niah’s Pride, a Pryde Ranch novella. Visit the other Snippet Saturday Authors via the links at the bottom of the post. Enjoy and tally-ho! Oh, and below you’ll also find the video trailer for Something’s Gotta Give. I don’t usually do ‘chick flicks’ but this one is a KEEPER!


Niah’s Pride by TJ Michaels
Copyright 2013, All Rights Reserved
Coming June 4th

Lou sat on the steps that led up to the huge wrap-around porch of the main house on Pryde Ranch and waited. It was a beautiful structure, more of a mansion-sized rustic lodge than a house. He’d left enough clues as to his whereabouts that he was sure it wouldn’t be long now before Neesia, or someone, showed up. Of course she’d want to know what he was doing here, and how the hell he’d gotten onto the estate without passing through any of the heavily monitored gates.

Of course he couldn’t tell her he’d hacked the estate’s security network remotely, found the connect keys for all the hubs and routers, broke into one of the system password files and reset the cycle time on the motion sensors on a far-off fence. With that done, he’d walked right through the temporarily unprotected entrance in a rarely used corner of the vast property.

While scouting the place he’d often wondered why Neesia and her sister, Kotara, needed such tight security. The vast acreage the estate sat on should have been enough of a deterrent for any bad guy, yet he’d had to squeeze through a tight web of electronic controls. It hadn’t been easy.

She was going to kill him. The thought brought a grin. God, he couldn’t wait.

The land in the immediate vicinity was cleared of anything that could hide an intruder, so if he could see from here out to the rolling hills, then he could also be seen.

And here they come. There was no sound other than the whip of wind through the trees, but he knew he was being closed in on like so much fresh meat. No surprise. In fact, it’s exactly what he would have done if he were in her shoes.

Finally, two lionesses stalked out of the brush in the distance and calmly approached from off to his left. Bearings regal and heads held high, they moved like the queens they were. Even the unusual sight of weapons strapped to their muscular feline bodies didn’t detract from their beauty.

The two cats halted at the bottom of the stairs. One of them immediately shifted out of her tawny pelt with a blast of energy that nearly knocked him to his knees.

And there she was—Neesia Pryde. God, the woman was breathtakingly, deliciously naked as she stepped forward, armed with a weapon that was uniquely hers—a titanium automatic incendiary projectile crossbow with self-reloading bolt cartridges. Lou had become intimately familiar with it during their short time together.

With fire in her amber eyes, and predatory intent in her ready stance, Neesia was vibrant, and so fucking gorgeous it stole his breath just as it had the first time he’d laid eyes on her. And every time since.

As he stood and took the first few steps towards his woman, Lou literally led with his cock.

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