Snippet Saturday – I need a hero!

Every story needs a hero that makes us wish we could escape to his world for a little while, whether it’s to lay on a beach and stare at his hotness or just gawk at how thoroughly he takes care of his woman. I personally love alpha males who appreciate how awesome their relationship is even when things aren’t going all that great. Well, to whet your whistle here’s a bit of a look into the heroes (yes, ladies, it’s a menage) who are giving our heroine a run for her money.

Enjoy this Snippet from Seeker’s Solace, Vampire Council of Ethics Book 4 coming from Samhain Publishing. Read ’em and weep *evil grin*. Afterward visit the other Snippet Saturday authors via the links at the bottom of the post. Tally ho!

Unedited Excerpt from
Seeker’s Solace (a menage-a-trois)
Vampire Council of Ethics Book 4
by TJ Michaels
Copyright 2013 – All Rights Reserved
Shale, who sat at a small table eating some kind of pastry with strawberries and a creamy looking filling in it, looked up and said, “I brought some extra shots for sun and silver allergies and some blood suppressant, but it’s formulated specially for me. If there’s something we need in that arena, I can call ahead to the Clan Li medical facility and see if they can put some of the generic stuff aside for us.”

Slade was perfectly still but his mind tilted a hard left. Only Dr. Carin and those she designated could request special prescription fulfillment, and that was an exclusive list. And Shale was on it? He’d had no idea that Shale rolled like that. Interesting.

“No,” said Slade. “These boys are experienced enough to know the cost of half-assing.” Sometimes Seekers got complacent. It was a good way to end up severely burned or dead, so let them stew for a bit. Later he would ask Shale to cover their shortcomings in private. “You two hurry up and get out of here. I need to talk to the Ambassador.”

They grabbed a few more snacks, packed up quickly and left still squabbling like two old hens. Everything was normal with the exception of the current tilt-o-whirl going on in his head.

Never one to beat around the bush, Slade simply asked what he wanted to know. “So are you and Jovon together?”

Shale stopped mid-chew, raised a brow at Slade and put his fork down. “Are we what?” Wiping his mouth on a crisp linen napkin, he then set it back in his lap and waited.

But in spite of his appearance, Shale was far from quiet. No, his mind was a cacophony of noise, almost like the faint whoosh of wind during the building of a storm.

“Look, I’ll just be frank. I’m drawn to her. I have no idea why given I’ve just met her. I like her. But I’m no poacher. In the end any choice made is hers, but I felt I should speak to you as well.”

And there he was—Shale, live and in surround sound.

In. Slade’s. Fucking. Head.

Instinct said to throw his shields up. Block him. Now. Only one problem—Slade’s shields were already up.

“Interesting,” Shale whispered. The words were like silk against Slade’s skin. Weird. “I can feel you,” Shale said. “Almost taste you as clearly as the strawberries in this pastry.”

Well, damn. No wonder Jovon wanted this man. Shale could schwing the charm around effortlessly like fairy dust or something and make it seem like the most normal thing in the world.

“Fairy dust? But I’m more than just a pretty face,” Shale said.

Okay, so not only am I leaking my emotions, my thoughts are out there, too? What the fuck? Slade wondered who else could hear him, other than Alex and Shale.

“Yeah. Join the club,” Shale said. The smile he flashed was a mix of mirth and mayhem. Slade could do nothing more than meet it head on with a grin and a shake of his head.

“So, lay it out for me, Shale.”

“I want her. I can see myself settling in with her. And given that you just went more still than you usually are and roared all territorial-like in my head, I guess you do too. Like you said, it’s up to her. But what if she wants us both? Can you see yourself sharing her if it’s what she wants?”

Huh. Slade waited for the anger and denial to come.

He waited.

And waited some more.

Finally Shale stood, took his plate to the portable dishwasher and placed it inside. Then from across the galley, he mirrored Slade’s body language and leaned against the counter, ankles and arms crossed. His face was lined with infinite patience. But looks were deceiving because the man’s thoughts were still a swirl of chaos. Just like Slade’s. It was as if neither of them quite knew how to feel or how to deal with what they didn’t feel.

Slade gathered his words and spit them out. “If it makes her happy, then I’d try and give her what she wants, yes.”

Shale nodded, pushed away from the counter and stalked into Slade’s space. Standing several inches taller than Shale, Slade remained still and tried to pick Shale’s thoughts out of the whirlwind. Suddenly the whirl of thought that was Shale’s mind cleared, as if a swift wind had blown the confusion out to sea leaving behind a clarity of purpose. Yes, what remained behind was clear—acceptance, along with desire and longing, pure and hot like freshly pressed honey set over a flame to melt the wax. And in the center of that pool of need was Jovon. Along with Slade himself.

Shale lifted a hand, slowly, non-threateningly. Fingers slid over the curve of Slade’s jaw until he cupped it almost lovingly. The texture was a bit of a surprise—calluses from the outside of Shale’s index finger and along the web between index and thumb told a story of sword play. A lot of it.

Shale said nothing. Simply leaned in and inhaled along the side of Slade’s throat. The soft moan that Shale didn’t actually vocalize sent a surprisingly luscious shiver through Slade’s body. And then the man was gone. Simply walked away.

An hour later, the ghost of that touch still played over Slade’s skin like a phantom that promised to deliver once it manifested in the flesh.

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