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For this week’s Snippet, I’ve chosen a bit from the upcoming release, Seeker’s Solace, book four in the Vampire Council of Ethics series. It’s the first menage in the series, so please enjoy!

Ladies and gentlemen…meet Jovon Dawson-Li *evil grin*

Unedited Excerpt from
Seeker’s Solace
Vampire Council of Ethics Book 4
by TJ Michaels

The Council chamber was an opulent affair without being gaudy. A place where the Elders met when they were all in town.

And here she stood in the presence of the matriarch of Clan Serati. She felt like doing a funky little fan-girl dance but managed to keep her cool demeanor. Just barely. Besides, she looked like hell and would probably be shot if she got too close to the Elder smelling the way she did. Jovon was a dusty mess having hopped off a military transport plane in Great Falls after a twenty hour ride, then right onto another flight from there to Kalispell, Montana with no prep time before walking into this meeting.

The Elders up on the dais were no surprise. She knew their faces well enough, including her own Elder of Clan Li.

A slew of assistants and Liaisons lined the walls.

Seekers stood in front of the dais listening to the discussion on what this mission was about.

The Seekers stood at ease, their bodies deceptively relaxed. There was no mistaking the menace and determination that rolled off of them. They might be vampire good guys, but they were really really good at taking down bad guys. And the only way to take down a bad guy…was to fight dirty like one. And they were all capable of carrying out whatever deeds were necessary to get what they wanted.

What determined a bad guy depended on who made the rules at the time. The Elders made the rules for the V.C.O.E. On their side equaled good guy. Against them equaled bad guy.

The thought made her shiver.

Seekers protected the entire vampire nation from law breakers. They also kept all the Clans off the radar of humans and kept those same humans from becoming rogue vampire lunch.

Another quick survey of the room and her attention landed right back on the Seekers. Only the one speaking now…wasn’t one. This man had come in through the other entrance with the Liaisons along with Jovon.

And she’d blown him off royally.


The fact that he now stood in front of the dais with the Seekers was a puzzle because he was obviously no more in the corps than she was given he wore no Seeker garb and he stood just a little bit apart.

Damn he was beautiful. Gorgeous creatures, those Clan Hatsepts hunks, but playboys the lot of them. They might not make Mr. Right’s but they made delicious Mr. Right Now’s.

This one was dressed to the nine’s in typical Hatsept fashion in designer everything, from suit coat to shoes. And now his iced-blue gaze was plastered to her face and with it came a flash of awareness that quickly faded yet lingered in the air, like a faint mist of fragrance on the wind.

Her head tilted a hard left as she wondered aloud. “Huh.”

Alaana Serati motioned for the doors to close and wasted no time beginning the briefing. “Ambassador Hatsept-Krulm, are you ready to begin, sir?”

With a nod, Mr. Gorgeous stepped up on the dais and looked down at the small crowd. She wondered what his role in this drama would be.

Jovon looked away and did a quick study of the others standing near the Ambassador and tried to be inconspicuous as she sucked in a gulp of air and eyeballed the lot of them.

She’d had nothing to do on the flight over but read so she knew from studying their profiles who was who.

The Head Seeker and his 2-I-C, Alaan Serati, stood in the center of the small group with their team flanking them on both sides. Next came Slade Tof-Li. He and Jovon were in the same clan but had never met. Besides, Clan Li was responsible for all of Asia. It made sense that they’d never met considering she’d never been in trouble.

Thank god.

Slade was handsome as sin—but what Seeker wasn’t, right?—yet there was something more. He seemed to be a dangerously quiet sort. Calm. Deceptively collect. He had stylishly cut jet hair and skin like milk caramel, golden but just barely so. His eyes were feline and dark, though from this distance she couldn’t see the color. His profile said they were dark blue, of the midnight sort. The long black leather trench of the Seeker draped his body perfectly with a tailored fit at the top, loose and flowing on the bottom.

And it fit so well she could tell he was broad across the shoulders and his torso tapered down in a very nice vee to a waist that seemed small for a man.

Slade stared at her, brows creased as if he could smell her from clear across the room. Well there was nothing she could do about the way she was dressed so she frowned right back. Frowny bastard.

Then his gaze slid away as he whispered a few words to someone next to him. It was then she noticed that Slade’s hair wasn’t cut at all. It was pulled back into a ponytail. Crap, she could only see the band holding the hair back from his face so she couldn’t see how long it was. Was it thick? Was the tail just past his neck or did it hang lower down his back?

And why the hell did she care at all?

She had no idea why she had such an instant attitude because someone glanced at her for a moment, frowned and then turned away.

Jovon turned her attention to the man that Mr. Frowny whispered to. Dear God, were all Seekers this damn gorgeous? It was just unfair that they got all the good genes.

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