Snippet Saturday – Emotion and a new book!

This week’s Snippet Saturday theme is Emotion. For some reason, rather than a scene from one of my books popping into my head, the song by Mariah Carey raised its hand instead.

So, yeah, I’ve just got to post that here.

Vampire Council of Ethics Book 4 has just been sold and I can’t wait to until it’s released. I’ll have more deets as I work with my editor so I’ll keep you posted.

In the meantime, enjoy this snippet from the upcoming release, Seeker’s Solace, V.C.O.E. Book 4 then hop over to play with the other Snippet Saturday authors via the links at the bottom of the page.

Unedited Excerpt from Seeker’s Solace
Vampire Council of Ethics Book 4
by TJ Michaels
Copyright 2013 – All Rights Reserved

When the first photos appeared on the screen, Slade found his curiosity about Shale’s role in this investigation replaced by sheer revulsion. It was bad enough that someone hunted their comrades, but the things that had been done to the bodies by God-knew-who turned his typically blast-resistant persona inside out.

When it was over, an unnatural silence filled the room that was oppressive even as the air crackled with unspent violent energy. The Elders of all ten clans stood as a united front. The Elder of Clan Viggee, voice tight with emotion they all tried not to feel, said, “Those who are to remain, do so. Everyone else, out.”

As the Beta Seekers and Iudex judges were dismissed, growls and murmurs mixed amid the orderly exit were expected. Every vampire in the room bared their fangs in silent aggression after that rough briefing. Nothing less than fury was expected given the horrors they’d just seen. And that was really saying something considering the vampire nation and its clans were a people that used to be the most brutal and bloody on the planet.

Slade looked over to Alex who simply stood there shaking his head. His best friends midnight eyes blazed as his jaw ticked furiously. He swallowed hard. Then swallowed again.

“We’ll get ‘em, Alex. You know we will,” Slade said.

A subtle nob as the knuckles of Alex’s tightly balled fists cracked. He knew what Alex was feeling. They’d always been close, almost empathic with each other. Alex’s presence was as easily recognized as Slade’s own, but Alex wasn’t who tapped at his subconscious just now.

This was a mix of fire and ice, anger and compassion with a distinctly female growl that he felt more than heard. As Slade turned to look around, Bix’s voice cut through the murmuring both in and out of his head.

“I know many of you have either just flown in to take care of your shifts, or you’ve been on call all day so let’s wrap this up. Slade, from this moment on you and Alex are point on this case. I don’t need to tell either of you what to do or when to check in. You’ve been elite Seekers and leaders of the corps for years.

“Still pups compared to you sir,” Slade replied practically dead pan.

“Why Jon Bixler,” Alaan Serati drawled in his super-deep bass, “I do believe they just said you’re old.”

“No worries, Alaan. We all know I’ll get him back for it later.” The entire corps laughed and the levity was greatly appreciated just now. Besides, they all knew it was true. Slade would probably spend the next two years hand cleaning every weapon owned by the Seekers corp. After all, the Head Seeker had a reputation to uphold.

“Before you dismiss,” Bix continued, “I want to be clear that we don’t typically have non-corps members out on a hunt with us. However, the Council has requested a change in protocol for this one case and believe it or not, I agree with them. So I am assigning you two new team members. And since these two are not Seekers, I am giving them full status and authority until this case is done. You can choose any additional Seekers if you believe you need them.”

With that Bix held up two sleek black trench coats and held them out in front of him as he said, “Shale, Jovon come forward. For those who don’t know her, Jovan Dawson-Li is an experienced pilot, familiar with all types of flight scenarios as well as combat. She is taking Randall’s place on this mission while he’s helping Tameth and Kenoe wrap up another case in Germany. Shale, in addition to your role as Ambassador to the Council you may act as Iudex Judge if needed.” Then he turned to the newcomers. “You’re both Seekers until I say otherwise and you’ll assist Slade and Alex with your, uh, special talents.”

Slade ignored the shocked expressions of everyone in the room as his new partners put on their Seeker’s garb simply because he wasn’t sure what to make of it. Shale took his place beside Slade and Alex as a member of their team. But when the woman in the flight suit he’d spotted earlier stepped forward Slade was sure it was the first time he’d come close to leaving his skin courtesy of a rush of heat and emotion that in no way belonged to him.

It was her. Jovon. In a room full of people there was no mistaking where that push against his insides had come from. Insane.

It ratcheted up fifteen notches and then some.


The blood pounded in his ears and he barely heard Bix when he asked, “Any questions?” to the room at large. By the time Slade snapped out of it, Bix had given dismissed the corps and Jovon was gone.

The sight of Shale hurrying after her sent his gut into a free-fall. And it didn’t make a damn bit of sense.

Shaking it off, he tapped Alex and headed to their next destination. He had work to do.

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