Snippet Saturday – Emotion

Snippet Saturday is a brilliant collaboration by New York Times and USA Today bestselling author, Lauren Dane, and a fabulous group of authors that she’s invited to join her in posting book goodies every Saturday. I’m thrilled to be part of this mad fun!

Today’s snippet is a sneak peek of Seeker’s Solace, Vampire Council of Ethics Book 4. You  met our heroes, Slade Tof-Li and Shale Hatsept-Krulm in books one through three, but you’ve never seen them quite like this. In this snippet, one of our guys has been injured to the point of near death…and his woman doesn’t appreciate it one little bit.

Ladies and gentleman, meet Jovon Dawson-Li, former Marine Captain and fixed-wing pilot. She’s tasked with flying an elite Seeker team on their hunt for bad guys. It was supposed to be a simple ‘field trip’. She had no idea she’d meet her bondmates along the way…

WARNING: This snippet contains lots of bad words.

“How, of all places, did they know we’d end up here? How, goddamit?”

The anger behind Jovon’s words was like the roll of thunder heralding the arrival of deadly lightening. If Shale hadn’t been looking at Jovon he would have never believed that a female could make such a sound.

“Jovon, just calm down.” Shale hoped the words sounded encouraging rather than bossy. He knew he’d failed when she bared her fangs at him. “Woman, I said calm the fuck down. I’m worried for Slade, too, but we won’t do him any good if we’re all out of sorts.”

“They hurt him,” she snarled. “They hurt Slade.” Each word was bitten off at the end, blunt edged and raw. She stepped into his space, looked up at him and blinked back tears. A torrent of fear and anger rushed forward like the tide, and was as full of love for him as she was with worry for Slade.

Shale wrapped her up in his embrace and pictured his care and confidence that Slade would survive as a wave that flowed into and then engulfed her. He stroked her mentally along the frayed edge of worry and then physically soothed with  a caress as he tried to ensure without words that the people who did this would pay.

As Ambassador on this mission Shale had limited authority in regard to meeting out justice. But as an Iudex Judge he could hand down sentences on the spot for any rogue they’d been assigned to hunt. And with those who dared harm his mate and upset his woman, not only would he hand down the sentence, he would carry it out. Personally. Slowly. And with great relish.

The thought made him smile.

“God you look dangerous as hell just now,” Jovon whispered with just the barest hint of a grin. “And I totally love it.” And then her face lit up and Shale felt hope bloom in her heart and flash along their bond.

“The hacker!” Jovon yelped and then shot out of his arms and over to where Bors was sitting. “Bors, the hacker that Gigi told us about. Obviously they’ve been finding a way to track us for Gods knows how long. And what better way to make a statement to the Seeker corps than to take out the very team leader sent to bring them down? Fuck!”

Jovon turned and put her fist through the wall.

“Holy shit,” echoed throughout the room.

“There is no way in hell I will allow anyone to harm my mate and get away with it. And he is not going to die. If anyone kills that asshole, it will be me.”

Alex stepped in and took control. “Gigi was the one who told us that we hadn’t actually caught the leaders of this twattle. Two guys, one named Destin and his sidekick, Taps.”

“Taps? What the hell kind of name is that?” Rallis groused.

“It’s the name of a dead man,” Alex responded and minced no words.

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  1. I love the Snippett Saturday, I get to follow my fav authors and their books thanks for sharing your talent with us readers:)

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