Snippet Saturday – Celebration

This week’s theme is celebration. I think it’s fitting that good cheer be spread around during the holidays. In this scene from Entwined Hearts our heroines have just learned that after managing to protect their Atlantean legacy, find their lifemates and defeat the ultimate evil, they’re going to have babies! Now…to break the news to their men. Yep, celebrations are definitely in order. Enjoy this excerpt from the book, Entwined Hearts, Hearts of Fire Book 5.

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Mirriam sat down on a flowery couch next to Angela. “Why didn’t you just tell them about your vision?”

“The girls don’t know that I see the future. I decided long ago not to share my ability with them. Knowing too much is dangerous. It could change their natural responses and thus alter the future. I’ve seen it happen before.”

“I still can’t believe all four of them are going to have girls,” Mirriam said.

A few minutes later, the door to the palazzo burst open and Creed stalked inside, the other men right behind him. “Where’s Charlotte?”

The foyer was filled with noise as each of the men called their woman’s name.

“Creed.” Charlotte came bounding down the hallway, laughing and crying at the same time.

Creed swept her into his arms, holding her tight. “What’s wrong, baby? I couldn’t get off that damn boat fast enough to get to you. I could feel you were upset.”

She swiped at the tears running down her cheeks. “I’m pregnant.” She clasped his face in her hands. “We’re going to have a baby.”

Creed paled, but then a slow smile covered his face and his gaze heated. He scooped her into his arms amid congratulations and headed up the stairs toward their bedroom. Hoots and hollers followed them. There was little doubt in anyone’s mind what he planned to do when he got Charlotte upstairs.

“Kenna,” Ryker bellowed.

She raced down the stairs, blades in each hand and her gaze scanning the house for any threat. “What? What’s wrong?”

“You tell me, darlin’. We were on that boat and all four of us sensed trouble. We got back here fast as we could. Was it Charlotte’s news that got y’all riled up?” He grabbed her around the waist. “And would you put those damn knives away before you hurt someone.”

She sheathed the blades and wrung her hands, her gaze continued to flit about, never meeting his eyes. “Damn it, Kenna. What’s wrong?”

“Me too.”

The words were barely a whisper but they made the big man stumble backward, his new Stetson tumbling to the floor behind him unheeded.

“You too what?” he grumbled.

“You knocked me up, cowboy, that’s what.”

He bellowed loud enough to bring the house down around them, picked up Kenna and spun her around until she punched his shoulder.

“Put me down before you make me barf.”

He shot Faison and Marco a sympathetic glance as they patted him on the back and offered congratulations.

“Come on, darlin’.” He never set Kenna back down. “We’ve got a lot to talk about.” His voice deepened and turned raspy. “In private.”

“That’s fabulous news,” Faison said, a bright smile spread from cheek to cheek. “I’m already getting ideas for a song dedicated to the new babies. And you know Dee will want to throw a big baby party.”

“Baby shower, sweetie,” Dee corrected.

“Right, that thing. Let us know what you need. We’d love to gift you with some custom furniture for your nursery.”

“Yeah,” Dee quipped. “After we fill up our own nursery.”

“What? Fill up our…?” Faison’s brow knit in disbelief, then cleared as joy replaced the incredulousness. “We’re…? You’re…? Our?”

“Yep. All that,” Dee replied with one half of her mouth lifted in true snark fashion.

“Holy shit!” All eyes turned to Marco. “The three of you are all pregnant?” He wrapped an arm around Memory.

She snuggled in and said, “All four of us.”

“Four? But that would mean you too.”

“Uh, yeah. Me, too.”

As each couple went off to celebrate in private, Angela walked over to the coffee table and pulled a bottle of champagne from a bucket of ice. She made quick work of removing the foil and popped the cork, whooping in delight as white bubbles poured over the bottle and her hand. Mirriam joined her, holding out two of the ten crystal flutes lined up on the table.

Angela set aside the bottle and the two life-long friends clinked glasses. “To our family. May the newest additions be as healthy and strong as their parents.”

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