ZART Countdown T minus 15 and counting…



We’ve got a special treat for you today – the first in a four part series of special ZART training by our own Zombie Joe!

Click here for the rules, the list of prizes and the huge bunch of authors donating books

The zombie apocalypse that’s supposed to hit New Orleans at the same time as our awesome Authors After Dark conference is coming up fast. Check it out!


Today’s challenge:

To win an eBook by Joey Hill

Tell us what else we should add

to Zombie Joe’s supplies?

REMINDER: ALL winners are announced on Wednesday each week on Twitter and Facebook. You have ONE WEEK to claim your prize so be sure to check back and see if that’s you. GOOD LUCK, ALL!

10 thoughts on “ZART Countdown T minus 15 and counting…”

  1. Ok lets see, I would have to bring some instant coffee since Zombie Joe has the water tablets. I gotta get my caffeine kick! It probably wouldn’t be a bad idea to throw in some MRE’s , gotta be able to get a meal once in awhile and some dark chocolate. Yum!

  2. Starbucks has those great little instant coffee things that I think would be necessary. Or even better the shots of 5 hour energy. They are little and easy to carry and no water required!

  3. Thanks Zombie Joe!!! What I would like to know is: Are there water purification tablets that don’t contain iodine? Seafood/iodine allergies don’t mix with most purification systems. And Mango cupcakes, are bad for me too, do to my other wonderful allergy! I think I would do carrot cupcakes or red velvet. LOL! Anaphylaxis would not be a good thing! Brandy has it right, MRE’s and Coffee are a must. But lets not forget a book or 20 for when we have a little down time.

  4. Potatoes because of the protein and water they provide :) HYDRATE!
    Hot dogs (again protein) and you don’t HAVE to cook them.
    Bread and granola bars are a must…those carbs and sugar are going to be a essential for cardio! :-D

  5. You need protein to keep fighting so for protein on the go you can carry a bag of peanuts or other kind of nuts you like or even some trail mix would be better

  6. These are some great ideas. Although some of these things might be addressed in the next installment, I am loving the answers!

    If we were truly making a Bug Out Bag, or a disaster relief kit, there are also bags of “astronaut food” for purchase in some of the larger camping and outdoors stores. Good in case game is scarce in your area.

    Water purification without iodine would can be done. If I remember correctly it takes a container, some cheesecloth (or similar fabric filter) and charcoal. It also takes a bit longer.

    And Jessica, you’re right. I forgot to add the Via packets in there. We stopped using them when we got a K-cup system. Also I only get coffee every 2-3 days. ;)

  7. What, no Slim Jims or Fried Pork Rinds?! I’ll let you keep the Guiness. I’ll bring the Dr Pepper. I would add waterproof matches too. How else can you light your Molotov Cocktails to throw at the zombies?

    Geishasmom73 AT yahoo DOT com

  8. Stacie… you’re only looking at the food part of the “training.” Of course it was a shameless excuse to show off Zombie Cakes to people who didn’t go to Romantic Times… or Odyssey Con (brought 8 dozen minis there).

    Slim Jims and Pork Rinds? The coronary will get you before the zombies. :mrgreen:

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