ZART Countdown T minus 18 and counting

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Eighteen weeks until the zombie apocalypse that’s supposed to hit New Orleans at the same time as our awesome Authors After Dark conference. So…let’s continue with our training.

Today’s challenge:

When did you first see this vid?

Can you do any of these moves?

9 thoughts on “ZART Countdown T minus 18 and counting”

  1. I use to listen to Michael Jackson a lot when I was a kid, This song actually came out a month after I was born, lol. So I would say Late 80’s. As for the moves, We’ll have to see what happens in NOLA after a few drinks 8-O lol!

  2. I had just graduated from college and moved to Ouha HI, I was working as a waitress at the “Shore Bird”. They had a very large screen that they played video’s on and everytime this video was played I’d have to dance along….what moves I mimicked I can’t imagine, I probably just bobbed along to the tunes. This was during the same time frame when I was pulled over by a cop while on my bike in front of a tourist bus because he thought I was advertising my wears….I was on my way to work in my “Shore Bird” outfit which consisted of short shorts a spagetti strapped tight fitting top and spiked heels. Two memories from this time frame I’ll never forget!!!!

  3. I was in the seventh grade and crazy for MJ. We had one of those huge satelite dishes in our backyard so I was the only one who got MTV so my friends used to love coming over to watch, hoping that Thriller would come on. We would try the moves but let’s face it, we were no Jacksons, lol.

  4. I think I was about 6 when it came out. It freaked me out. I loved the song but could not watch the whole video for a couple of years because it scared me. But I had such a crush on MJ and told my mom I was going to marry him when I grew up.

  5. Are you kidding me? I’m a child of the 80s. I know I saw this when it was released on MTV. Aside from that, I am absent of specifics. Decomposing brain and all that.

    I was able to do many of the moves at one point. Age, injury an general health took most of the non-basic moves from me though. Mrs. Zombie handles doing the dance for me at the holiday parties (which is where we usually hear this song now). ;)

  6. My kids noticed it first when it premiered on MTV, and I still get entranced by the choreography. I have two left feet, and I never could manage much of the dance moves, though my kid’s got really good at it.

  7. I’ve never been able to see the whole video because my parents pulled the cable when there was too much fighting over what channels to watch! Can’t do many of the moves but hell, I’m willing to try!

  8. Oh goodness….I honestly do not remember the first time I saw the vid, but my childhood best friend’s brother was obsessed with MJ and had the glove and everything. LOL and i can bust some moves so I am sure I have done some of them. (Scary LOL)

  9. OK I have racked my brain and do not remember the first official time I watched the video. However, my best friends brother (from childhood) was obsessed with MJ and had the glove and everything. Pretty sure he talked us into dancing it a few times. LOL

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