ZART Countdown T minus 19 and counting

SURVIVAL KIT ITEM #4 is up for grabs


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Today’s challenge: For warriors new and old,

we invite you to be bold!

Declare your bad-assness to one and all!

Scouts, Warriors and Spys,
You’ve worked hard so we’ve made it easy for you to play this week. Simply put your name here in the comments and declare you’re an experienced ZART member! List a speciality if you like, but it is not required. We know you’re all awesome.

New to the Zombie Apocalypse Response Team? Though you are not quite ready for missions be a proud noob and shout it loud! To prepare for combat training your first exercise is to flex your index finger and click the Like button! *Noobs who hit that Like button will be automatically entered for this weeks random drawing!* Spread the word!

In the words of that famous poet, The Rock,

“We layeth the smacketh DOWNETH!!” #ZART

16 thoughts on “ZART Countdown T minus 19 and counting”

  1. I am not only a skilled spy for ZART, but also a member in good standing of Team Bring It…

    A few years back I proved my worth in the event of the Outbreak. I was deer hunting with a friend and had a shot 60 yards out. Side shot, center body mass is best for hunting, but my view was neck to head. That means aim for the nose – if it goes high it is a kill shot, low it is a kill shot.

    So as we’re processing it later that night, I noticed there was no entry wound. I called it my Death Star shot (which my friend still doesn’t get) but it went up the nostril. So my SKS can zombie shoot a deer at 60 yards, what you got? ;)


  2. My skills huh… I have firearms training, emergency medical training, and thanks to hubs family in the islands I know how to cook in the outdoors and make anything you could imagine outta palm leaves.
    I’m sure some of these skills could help ;)

  3. Proud to be a ZART scout! My skills include knife throwing, very good with a firearm, been shooting bow and arrow since I was a child and blood, guts and gore don’t faze me! Bring it Zombies! :twisted:

  4. Desta, as Walking Dead has showed us, if you have no real survival/zombie slaying skills to add to the group all you really need is to be able to…



  5. I have three cats all with fierce claws and sharp fangs I’m willing to throw at any zombies.

    I also taught my mother how to break into her car so I have many skills I keep under wraps from the general knowledge.

  6. Oh, and campfire baking. That really is a skill. Well unless all you want is scorched wild game… that’s pretty easy. Hell, starting a campfire can be hard depending on the weather/environment.

    Speaking of baking and eating post-outbreak, dressing down wild game. There’s a difference between being able to hit it and being able to safely process it for consumption. ;)

  7. I have my zombie battle plan already to go. Where to hold up first. What supplies I need and I am ready to make sure the living dead are laid to rest for good. 8)

  8. Since I am a newbie to this Zombie killing, I liked you on facebook and am sharpening my skills. Heck I even got my kids involved in helping m e stave off a zombie attack. :twisted:

  9. well, I am a Noobie ZART member so my skills are limited but growing. I can get three little girls up, dressed, coifed, fed and out the door in 20 minutes when needed. I can also corral, contain and control 23 6th graders at any given time :) So bring on the zombies! :evil:

  10. Not only am a a soldier, spy, and scout, I’m also an elite trainer. How elite you might ask? Let’s just say that I taught both Darryl Dixon and Katniss Everdeen everything they know. ‘Nuff said.

  11. I am a Noobie Zart with many earthly skills. My talents range from drowning cactus and harvesting giant green beans to salting slugs.
    My weapons of defense may seem of the garden variety yet you will not find any zombies crawling, flying or sliming in “zone 5”! :wink:

  12. OMG, these are some of the most awesome entries so far! I am literally cracking up. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my day has officially been made by all of you!

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