It’s Here!

It’s out everybody! Oh my God, I couldn’t be more thrilled that Hatsept Heat, the 3rd book in the Vampire Council of Ethics hit the cyber shelves yesterday from Samhain!

To purchase, Visit Samhain Publishing

Excerpt from (Explicit)
By TJ Michaels, Copyright 2007
Coming July 29, 2008 ~ Samhain Publishing, Inc.
All Rights Reserved

They chatted amicably but Kenoe didn’t miss the occasional frown whenever he let his guard down long enough for his anxiety, though slight, to creep down the bond. Bottom line—he had no desire to see the you’re-crazy-as-a-loon skepticism in her eyes when he told her what he was. God knew she wouldn’t believe him.

And he was less than enthusiastic about her reaction to the fact that he, Mr. Law Enforcement, as she called him, was investigating her closest relative for something that had nothing to do with honest vamps, and everything to do with Dr. Jekyll humans.

Not to mention the possibility of her flat-out rejecting him.

Ruthlessly squashing down all concern, he filled his mind with lighter thoughts. Actually just thinking on what a fabulous dinner she’d prepared for him, what a kind and considerate woman she was, a woman so sweet yet with an edge sharp enough to cut himself on. The perfect alpha. His perfect alpha.

And she’d prepared a dessert of strawberries covered with brown sugar syrup, laced with lemon zest. Oh yeah, she was a keeper. He only hoped she would feel the same when he told her…
When had she moved from her chair?

Shinju grinned and pushed his empty dishes off to the side. She held her hand out to him.


“Up, handsome.”

Wondering what she was on about, he didn’t move but cocked his head to the side and waited instead.

“Naoru. Get. Up.” Her tone was stern, but not bitchy. He stood and allowed himself to be positioned to her liking. Mischief danced along their developing link and tickled the nerve endings at the base of his skull.

All of a piece, Shinju pushed her desires down the bond with such force they slammed into his brain and streaked clear down to his nuts. He reached to unbutton his shirt. A playful slap to his fingers caught him so off-guard, he froze for a second.

A snarled “mine” made it crystal clear that she was the only one getting to touch tonight. Or at least for the time being. Dropping his hands to his side, his spitfire female popped open each button slowly, deliberately, then peeled the garment off his shoulders. All the while she whispered what she wanted to do to him and let those wickedly talented fingers of hers run over the exposed skin, raising chill bumps along the way.

“God, Naoru, you’re so studly gorgeous.”

“Studly? Is that a typical Japanese word?”

“Remember I’m not a typical Japanese female. I’ve got a bit of sistah in me and I just have to let her out to play every now and then.” This was said as her fingernails scraped gently over the planes of his stomach and dipped into the hollows and ridges of his quaking abs. It made him tingle from the roots of his hair to his toes. Dayum!

“Amazing. I love your skin, so fair, smooth. Perfect. Like fresh cream. And that dusting of platinum silver hair on your chest. I missed that the last time I had you nearly naked. Is the hair around your cock the same beautiful shade?” she teased.

Holy shit! Kenoe balled his trembling hands into fists to keep from ripping her clothes off and taking her to the floor right then.

Instead, he said, “You’re being awfully naughty, but I’m all yours, lovely, so go ahead and find out.”

“I can’t wait to see what your fabulous cock looks like sliding into my pussy. I missed you so much. Dreamed about you each night until I was so hot and bothered. Kinda like I am now.”

“Shinju, you take too much longer to touch me and I’m going to have to do something about that. Sssss!” Her touch had moved down his chest, past his waist and down to the swelling ridge in his pants. Then she pushed him backwards until his ass hit the edge of the table.

In a blink the snap on his camo pants popped. He hissed at the sensual rasp of the fabric sliding down his thighs. When he stood there in his boxers, Shinju pushed against his chest again. Taking the hint, Kenoe hopped up on the table and waited.

With the sexiest, sauciest smile he’d ever seen on a woman, she commenced to stripping him down. First went his boots, followed by the pants that were down around his knees. Both joined his shirt in a pile on the floor.

“The staff?” he gasped when she stepped between his legs and pushed his knees apart.
“Sent them to bed after they served dessert.”

So she’d thought of everything, eh? He hoped so, because he had an urge to crawl underneath her skin and didn’t think he’d survive an interruption tonight.

The tip of his rigid cock poked out from underneath the waistband of his shorts, hard against his navel. Leaning over him, she ignored the glistening head and shaped her mouth over the silk-covered pipe of his rod, breathing in and out through her mouth. His flesh warmed and cooled underneath the fabric.

“Oooh, Shin. Yeah, baby. That’s good.” And it got even better when a waft of cool air caressed his flaming flesh. She’d eased down his silkies and proceeded to give a full lick from the base of his rod to the tip without quite touching the sensitive glans.

Kenoe found himself coaxed off the table and maneuvered into one of the high-backed dining chairs completely naked. And his woman was fully clothed, with the exception of the pair of flats she’d toed off and kicked under the table. How the hell had she pulled that off? The thought only lasted a second as Shinju revealed the ace up her sleeve. Shinju raised her little skirt inch by inch. God, her skin seemed to go on forever. When the clothing reached the vee of her thighs, he sucked in a wild breath at the sight—no underwear—just miles of luscious caramel…including a waxed mound. The puffy lips of her sex glistened with her own juices, holding his attention. Then she pounced.

One second she was preening her commando, underwear-less backside, the next she was straddling him in the chair to plunge her hot channel down over his stiff and ready cock in one stroke.

He yelled.

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