Austin Author Affair – Austin, TX,  May 22-24, 2015

Authors After Dark – Atlanta, GA,  August 12-16, 2015


There’s always a story to write, always a tale to tell. But sometimes I get too many irons in the fire and it looks like nothing is getting done. So I got this idea from a friend of mine to keep you updated on what’s cookin’ in my cauldron.

So here’s what else I’m doing:

  • NEW UPDATE!!  Mastered: 10 Tales of Sensual Surrender, featuring Juicy~A Twilight Teahouse story, is a USA Today and NY Times bestseller – WHEEEE!!!!
  • Vampire Council of Ethics Book 4 is now available in print from Samhain Publishing. You can get it pretty much everywhere.
  • Gathering of the Storms will be published by Bent West Books! Rewriting has begun and I’ll be looking for beta readers for Volume 1 called Wind and Fire.

Next up:

  • Pursuit of Pride and Pleasure is the next book in the Pryde Ranch series, coming late 2014
  • Twilight Teahouse, a BDSM Series – the second book is underway.
  • Reflections of Magic – New paranormal / fantasy series is in the outlining stages
  • Well-Heeled Vixens – I’ve been invited to participate in this totally cool project that speaks to my inner shoe whore. ‘Nuff said :)
  • Military/Firefighter series in the outlining stages. Research is going on and writing will begin soon.
  • New ‘fae’ novella is being written. YAY!!
  • GenX: Hunter’s Rogue, Vampire Council of Ethics Book 5 – On hold again.
  • Relaina Grey, next book in the Gathering of the Storms series – 30k written, hit a snag. Need to change the outline a bit then back to writing.

Slip into the dark side of your fantasy..